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- 11/20/2020 4:48:40 PM
Remarkable experience! I was satisfied because this appliance repair company was able to restore my fridge that was not cooling excellently. The technician explained to me what was the cause of the pr... read more
- 10/15/2020 5:09:51 PM
We had a really great wine tasting, better than the 10 other ones we did in my country. It was very informative, Daniel is an enthusiastic expert in international wines and he taught us a lot about th... read more
- 9/22/2020 7:49:13 PM
Great work! The technician who repairs of my refrigerator hinge problem was very skilled. He was very patient in explaining to me the possible cause of the issue and gave me helpful tips on how to tak... read more
- 9/21/2020 3:36:00 PM
I was afraid that my appliance will not be repair but your expert and the creative technician were able to solve my stove that was not igniting. Your technician didn't fail me to be impressed by his q... read more
- 9/21/2020 12:50:41 PM
It gave me some frustrations when my oven was not overheating. This appliance repair company I called for diagnosis came to my place quickly. The technician was very fast in recognizing the issue and ... read more


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