Southpointe Pavilions Shopping Center: Mall Office

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Ste Q
2910 Pine Lake Road
NE 68516-6014

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Southpointe Pavilions Shopping Center: Mall Office offers Shopping Centers services in Lincoln NE, NE area.

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There are lots of good options to shop at this shopping mall. I also like the carrefour here, it's massive and has a beautiful date counter and fresh juice counter where you can get fresh pomegranate and sugar cane juice. It was one of the oldest malls but better value than many of the shopping malls here.
9/8/2020 5:37:36 PM Report

Shopping was the best stress-reliever! Almost every weekend, I spend so much time at the mall. Not just to shop, but also unwind and be with my friends. We love strolling every store and ended up having quality time together at coffee shops. It was so great time with the best people in the best place in town.
9/8/2020 4:44:56 PM Report

I was here this morning to buy a gift for my mom. It was her birthday today and I don't know what to buy. This mall contains lots of high-end and local stores to choose from, and budget-friendly, too. I always love malling especially in this mall because they got it all for you, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and a movie theater. The best place in the world!
9/8/2020 2:57:14 PM Report

A great mall that is well organized and best of all. It has a huge food court with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Also, you can't get lost here because they have a customer service every floor, which you could ask for a direction. Also, this mall is an eco-friendly environment.
5/14/2020 9:18:07 AM Report

Every weekend we used to stop here to buy a high-quality brand of jeans. We were fortunate because the promo man was beckoning us to get inside, so we went inside and we're so happy while picking up our favorites. I bought two pairs of jeans and my friend got three dresses. We were all satisfied with the quality. The pricing was economical and the clothing was so nice.
5/12/2020 10:23:34 AM Report

It is one of my favorite malls here in our place. All the stuff you wanted is available in this shopping center. They also have a lot of dining shops where you can spend your time while waiting for your friends. If you don't know where the specific place you wanted to go, they have navigation screens to help you. Very highly recommended shopping center!
5/6/2020 6:50:15 AM Report

The most relaxing place on Earth! How cannot it be shopping is a stress-reliever? I love to shop, everybody does. Every weekend, most of the people were in the mall. Spending their time with their families and friends, or even a single mall goer enjoys here strolling and shopping. I was very thankful to the founder of this mall for building it here and make us happier whenever we were dull.
4/30/2020 12:18:24 PM Report

I was here yesterday because I looked for a perfect gift for my friend. They had lots of stores to choose from. I have a hard time buying and choosing because they have both what I need, quality, and fair budget. After searching in the stores, I had a quick sip in one of the best coffee shops in the mall. I had so much fun!
4/30/2020 11:21:30 AM Report

This is the best shopping center and outlet here in the city! This is the best place to shop for unique gifts for your friends and families. They got it all here! From your baby brother's needs to your grandparent's necessities. They have a wide selection of anything for everyone. Come and shop here!
4/28/2020 10:40:15 AM Report

I visited this mall yesterday, and I came to realize that it was excellent and wonderful. Their place was secured with nice and decent bodyguards, saleslady treated me so good, and the cashiers were polite and kind. It was the best day of my life. They have everything that I wanted and needed. I was jumping in so much happiness, knowing that I was in the right place to spend my money. All I could say was thank you so much!
4/28/2020 8:37:48 AM Report

I liked this shopping mall better than others. I went to this shopping mall two days ago, and I greatly enjoyed my day. The staffs were pleasant, looked decent, and approachable. Also, all the items that they displayed were beautiful and affordable. This mall was large and comfortable to hang out and leisure. It was really nice here! Thanks!
4/27/2020 2:21:45 PM Report

Well-organized and spacious mall. I had a nice shopping experience at this mall. When I visited this mall, some of their items were on discounted sale. The food court was so big and spacious as well. They had various types of food that you could choose from. The signs were so visible and easy to read so that you can't get lost while roaming around.
4/27/2020 1:57:04 PM Report

We enjoyed walking through the shops. Each floor has a customer service that you could ask for a direction. They had a wide spacious aisle. Also, the food court was so big and spacious as well. They got a lot of food to choose from. One thing that I'm fascinated by this mall. They were very organized. You can't get lost in this mall.
4/27/2020 1:19:30 PM Report

This shopping center was a wonderful and satisfying place which others won't miss! The place was stylish, new, and captivating. Besides, the clothes and shoes that I bought were very good and worth it. I mean, everything here was qualified and fascinating. I wanted to come again and again, for you provided all of my needs and wants. Thank you very much!
4/22/2020 1:11:57 PM Report