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Bergnaum Margaretta
There are lots of good options to shop at this shopping mall. I also like the carrefour here, it's massive and has a beautiful date counter and fresh juice counter where you can get fresh pomegranate and sugar cane juice. It was one of the oldest malls but better value than many of the shopping malls here.
9/8/2020 5:37:36 PM Report

One of my friends brought us here at this Bar, and we didn't leave! The music was great. The drinks were reasonable, and the bar staff was fantastic. She got onto the stage with one of my friends and they sang "Raise Your Glass" There were other groups of people in and everyone just got on and drank sang and danced. One of our highlights of the whole trip!
9/8/2020 5:35:47 PM Report

Highly recommended appliance repair service! I was feeling honored to have your technician to help me with my stove that was not igniting. It was a relief when he completed the repair at the exact time range. I can say that he was trained by his heads to become more qualified in everything he did. Thank you very much for helping me! Keep up the excellent work!
8/24/2020 8:45:45 PM Report