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Shay Driscoll
Good food, service was a bit fast, but great atmosphere.We had an outstanding steak that had my daughter and I literally sucking the bone dry. Was planning on ordering medium but the chef recommended medium-rare and he cooked it perfectly.
7/2/2020 1:33:11 PM Report

This shopping center was a wonderful and satisfying place which others won't miss! The place was stylish, new, and captivating. Besides, the clothes and shoes that I bought were very good and worth it. I mean, everything here was qualified and fascinating. I wanted to come again and again, for you provided all of my needs and wants. Thank you very much!
4/22/2020 1:11:57 PM Report

Excellent service! Flavio was my plumber and was very expert in fixing my blocked toilet. He made the service in no time to my full satisfaction. His expertise and professionalism were very commendable. I have nothing but the best service ever. I'll keep this guy for future repair needs. Thank you very much!
4/21/2020 5:32:20 PM Report

Service was impeccable starting with adorable Jay greeting patrons at the door sharing the story of SighGlass. Beer & wine coming soon.
4/21/2020 7:04:19 AM Report