Mannequin Mall

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801 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles 90017
United States
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Company description

Mannequin Mall is the #1 store for buying mannequins online in the USA. Whether you're a big or small company, if you're looking for any type of mannequin or dress form, you've come to the right place. We help every business from the small boutique to the global fashion company. We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world as well as the mom-and-pop shop down the street. Since 2012, we have been trusted by the best fashion brands, fashion schools, museums, Fortune 500 companies from all over the world for all their mannequin needs. Over 10,000+ orders shipped!



This shopping centre was the perfect place to go shopping! You're going to love all of their things seen here. The room was really peaceful and not busy. This needs to be proposed to those who wish to go shopping.
1/25/2021 4:55:14 PM Report

We enjoyed walking through the shops. Each floor has a customer service that you could ask for a direction. They had a wide spacious aisle. Also, the food court was so big and spacious as well. They got a lot of food to choose from. One thing that I'm fascinated by this mall. They were very organized. You can't get lost in this mall.
10/16/2020 1:15:47 PM Report

The place has a big space that was very good to walk around, and the ground has many stores, restaurants, and coffee to spent time. Also, the staff was very entertaining and respectful. It was truly worth it to hang out in here from time to time.
9/7/2020 12:47:49 PM Report

I’m amazed by the excellent service of a shopping center that I went to this morning. They have a secured and wonderful area that was perfect for taking pictures. Every corner was clean and tidy. Also, the salesladies, sales boys, security guards, and cashiers were accommodating and nice. It’s good to be at this beautiful and classic mall that I have ever seen. Keep up the great job. Till next time!
9/3/2020 10:44:51 AM Report

This place is my new shopping center mall. I like visiting this place and do shopping as well. I got fascinated by how organized they were. The stores, restaurants, kids department, men& women's department all of it were very organized. The comfort room was so accessible and each floor they customer service. Such a great place.
7/7/2020 12:33:57 PM Report

This shopping center was my favorite place to spend my weekend. I like this place a lot because it was so well-organized and has a huge food court and restaurant. The comfort rooms were very accessible and very clean as well. The staves were very friendly and accommodating as well. Also, every weekend they had a great deal.
7/2/2020 1:52:51 PM Report

A week ago I visited this place when I knew that they offered great deals. I was really amazed by how organized this place is. The store was very organized in everything. The customer service was so friendly and helpful. The comfort room was accessible and cleaned. This shopping mall is a must-visit
6/30/2020 3:30:39 PM Report

Imported products, an amazing food court, and a wide selection of local products as well. This shopping center has it all, and I am pleased because the salespeople around here are really amazing too. I really had a great time in this place, and I would be glad to come back soon and bring my friends with me.
6/30/2020 12:07:20 PM Report

We went early afternoon on a Tuesday and it was not too crowded. My friend was looking for a bag for her daughter and we found it here. It was inexpensive, thus she bought another one for her. When we approached the staff to have a different color for mine, she accommodated me immediately. We're very happy that the staff members would be able to assist all customers. The place is very convenient for shoppers. You can buy all you want here plus there are staff members willing to assist you.
6/26/2020 4:25:59 PM Report