Indian food restaurant-India's Grill-Los Angeles

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428 South San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90048


11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm
11am – 11pm
12pm – 11pm
12pm – 11pm

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Comfortable and elegant, India's Grill -Indian food restaurant- offers genuine Indian food, Indian food delivery, Indian food catering.

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Delivery Hours
Monday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Tuesday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Wednesday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Thursday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Friday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Saturday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Payment Accepted
Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Cash, Discover, Invoice, American Express, MasterCard, Cash, Discover, Invoice
Services Provided
Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills. Authentic indian cuisine in Los Angeles - Beverly Hills area. Indian food delivery.
delivery, carryout, wheelchair access, Catering, Delivery, Takeout/Carryout
Atmosphere And Personality
Laid Back Casual, Moderate, Up To Par, Family Friendly
77% of 40 people liked it on Urbanspoon
Restaurant Features
Online Ordering, Online Reservations
Elegant, Family Friendly, Romantic
La Cienega and San Vincente
Parking Lot & Valet Parking
Chicken Tikka Masala
Vegetarian, Indian
Beverly Blvd. (LA)
Tandoori Clay Oven
Dress Code
Jeans and T-shirt
Romance Factor
Strictly Platonic
Meals Served
Dinner, Lunch
Beer, Wine
Cross Streets
Colgate Ave.
Price Range
$$ ($9-$15)
Up To Par
$10 - $20
Noise Level
All Ages
Languages Spoken
Delivery Fee
Minimum Delivery
Year Established
Average Price
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Great place to eat for dinner! A week ago, my cousin and I came here to have our dinner. We love their foods because it was delectable and mouthwatering. I can say that the chief who prepared those specialties was so brilliant when it comes to cooking. Thank you so much, guys! I should highly recommend you to everyone!
2/5/2021 5:52:53 PM Report

You are the best restaurant that I ever visited! I was so lucky to find your place on the internet. I tried to visit and taste your specialties yesterday, and I was so happy and satisfied. Thank you so much to your waiter for serving my order immediately. I couldn't ask for more from you, guys. You must be at the top! Highly recommended!
2/5/2021 5:50:33 PM Report

Five stars for you, guys! Yesterday, I tried to order your roasted beef and beefsteak. I was so surprised by the price because it was so friendly to the pocket. I like the taste of your beef because it was so juicy and mouthwatering. You deserve to be highly recommended, guys. Thank you so much! Until next time!
2/5/2021 5:29:22 PM Report

I often take my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The cooking is great! The staff is attentive and cooperative always when we visit this place. We enjoyed our time here with my family. Maybe, on this coming mom's birthday, we will be having a celebration here.
2/5/2021 1:49:25 PM Report

I regularly come to this place. We enjoyed their marvelous food while dancing and while having chit-chat. We're here with my friends every Friday and Sunday. They serve good food with generous portions that we usually share with friends. I have recommended this restaurant to many friends who also enjoyed the wonderful ambiance and food choices. It is a terrific place to meet amazing people!
1/7/2021 5:05:24 PM Report

The Mexican restaurant in this area was festive! It was a week ago when I visit this restaurant. I like the options that they had because it was indeed mouthwatering and affordable as well. My favorite Mexican from this restaurant was the Burritos with Minced Meat Filling and Chicken Quesadillas. This place is my new favorite.
1/7/2021 4:56:02 PM Report

I went to this restaurant for lunch, and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly service. All of the staff know exactly what they are doing and do it professionally. They serve foods very quickly and carefully. A homey and comfortable environment in the restaurant. Highly recommended!
1/7/2021 4:36:23 PM Report

We celebrated my mother's birthday at your restaurant a week ago. I am not just the one who loves the food, but also the whole family. We thank you for serving our food hot. We are so satisfied with the overall service. You made my mother so happy! Thank you so much, guys! Highly recommended restaurant in the region!
1/7/2021 3:14:50 PM Report

Famous American foods are in this restaurant! Last Sunday, my family and I were having dinner in this place. We felt so happy because the foods were so delicious and mouthwatering. We got home with a big smile on our faces. Very satisfying! Thank you so much! I should strongly recommend you to everyone!
1/7/2021 3:01:35 PM Report

This place is one of the best Indian restaurants I have been too. Their service here is extraordinary; they have very attentive and polite staff. The food was scrumptious and delicious too!
12/4/2020 8:43:23 PM Report

What a fantastic food! The pasta is the best that i have very creamy yet cheesy and the bacon as really suits my taste. And we ordered lots of delicious food and all are eaten! If your looking for something to eat , you won't be disappointed with this place! The staff was very welcoming and friendly!
11/18/2020 4:43:21 PM Report

Very tasty and affordable! Just a week ago, my friend and I went to this wonderful restaurant. We ordered their best seller foods, and we were so happy when we find it delicious. We were both satisfied with the food and the service. Huge thanks to all of you, guys! Keep serving tasty food! Cheers!!!
11/17/2020 1:49:40 PM Report

It was a great place to spend time with your family and friends! It was also possible to come here with a big company and celebrate some special events, like an anniversary or engagement. The light here was pleasant. Their staff was also very professional and friendly. Highly Recommended Restaurant in the area!
11/20/2020 2:35:23 PM Report

The quality and prices continue to be great. This restaurant's offered foods was awesome. Their desserts were very attractive and creamy in my eyes. Trust me! You will never be disappointed for sure. Great interior from the outside until the inside part! A five-stars satisfaction rating for them. Thank you for everything.
11/19/2020 9:40:18 PM Report

Being a vegetarian and having a breastfed baby with a dairy intolerance, I can find eating out quite difficult as most places do not cater to my dietary needs. This restaurant, however, has an amazing range of vegetarian/vegan/dairy-free meals, drinks, and cakes with options to alter favorite meals to suit different dietary requirements, which made my experience extremely easy and positive!
11/19/2020 12:39:12 PM Report

Overall, a great place with high-quality foods at really reasonable prices. Such an amazing service throughout the day. I am deeply impressed by how they handled their customers correctly with no hassles at all. No hidden charges compared to others! They strive to provide us the best service that exceeds our expectations. I'll definitely be back again.
11/17/2020 8:01:55 PM Report

This restaurant served the most delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas in town. Their foods were also very delicious and mouthwatering. The place was so spacious and clean. The ambiance of its place was captivating. It feels like you're in Italy. I can extremely recommend you to everyone. Good job, guys!
10/15/2020 4:12:15 PM Report

Impressive! I was greatly satisfied with everything that I was able to try in this restaurant, especially their foods. The taste, services, and anything else in this restaurant was totally outstanding, and I would be glad to recommend this place to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much, guys! Keep it up!
9/4/2020 1:27:36 PM Report

This restaurant has great ambiance and heavenly magical food. The customer service is very professional and friendly. They pay attention to their customers well and always ask for feedback. The restaurant is very cozy and private. This is one of the best restaurants in my area that offers delicious foods at reasonable prices. Highly recommended!
7/2/2020 2:15:50 PM Report

The service is excellent, no question about it. Staff members are very well-trained, polite, attentive, and knows exactly what they are doing. They give great recommendations for wine that goes well with food. The food is superb and served well. Very pleasant even if they were handling lots of guests. Perfect place for any family gatherings.
7/1/2020 10:41:55 AM Report

It is a wonderful dining experience! Very outstanding in every aspect. Every staff member who interacted with me was knowledgeable, attentive, and passionate. The best food and hospitality I have ever had. This place really made it a great night for me. I can't wait to come back here. Thank you very much and keep up the good work always.
6/30/2020 1:00:53 PM Report

The view was spectacular, and the weather was cool. Eventually, the place was truly perfect to visit! Even the waiter and the waitresses in their restaurant were very respectful, responsible, and professional. They served my order properly and right. When I tasted it, it was good and delicious. I mean, this restaurant was truly perfect to visit. Don't miss this place!
6/29/2020 4:56:08 PM Report

One of my favorite restaurants in my area. The decorations are outstanding and service was phenomenal. The food was great and had a good variety for all taste types. Everything is good and perfect. Nothing will be disappointing. I had a great time here. Will surely coming back here in the future. Highly recommended!
6/29/2020 11:19:38 AM Report

You must be highly recommended to all of my family and friends! Last Thursday, We had our dinner in your restaurant. We were so happy with the overall service that your restaurant has. Your staves were so kind and courteous. Your foods are so satisfying and delectable. Huge thanks to all of you! Cheers for your success!
6/26/2020 2:22:21 PM Report

One of the best restaurant, I am deeply impressed by how they handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. The best of the best restaurant service ever! It was a nice experience for me for the first time.
6/26/2020 2:03:07 PM Report

Highly Recommended! The foods and the drinks were very good in this restaurant. Also, the waiters and waitresses were doing great when serving customers. The place was clean, comfortable, and cozy. The prices here were very affordable and reasonable. Till next time! Thank you, guys!
6/26/2020 1:16:21 PM Report

Definitely, they serve one of the best menus in the city! We had dinner here last night, and we had so much fun. The chefs are top-notch, and the food is clearly of high quality. It's not a cheap restaurant, but it is worth its price. The ambiance is very elegant and serene. Their servers were very friendly and accommodating, too. Highly recommended!
6/26/2020 1:06:13 PM Report

Before, when I’m craving some grilled food, I have no other choice but to go to the city and bare the traffic. Now, I don’t have to because this restaurant sits very near my place! Their food was awesome! Their staff and employees were very friendly, and they had good service. The ambiance is cozy, too. Very highly recommended in my book.
5/13/2020 11:11:33 AM Report

Food and Service are top-notch! A romantic place with great ambiance. I have no complaint about the foods here, it really tastes good. And also, it was all extremely reasonably priced. Friendly staff, fresh seafood, delectably prepared, good ambiance, and a wide parking space. This restaurant is perfect for me. Highly recommended!
5/6/2020 7:18:31 AM Report

We stopped here last night for dinner. The staff members were very prompt and super friendly! We both shared the nachos and an order of tacos and we were completely full. We loved every bit of food, drink, and experience! Thank you and keep up the good work! Bring all your friends here and family. Highly recommended!
4/21/2020 11:07:34 PM Report

I am deeply impressed by how they handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. The best of the best restaurant service ever! It was a nice experience for me for the first time. I will definitely be going to save their contact number for future reservations. Cheers to more success in the future. Thumbs up!
4/14/2020 9:14:48 PM Report