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Kelsie Cleveland
Outstanding service! I admire how your technician made his work complete and perfect. I can see that he was flexible enough to fix my cooktop that was not igniting on time without any hassle and in a professional manner. A truly beneficial service that I will strongly recommend to everyone. Keep up the best work, and more clients to come!
11/20/2020 4:58:43 PM Report

It was a great place to spend time with your family and friends! It was also possible to come here with a big company and celebrate some special events, like an anniversary or engagement. The light here was pleasant. Their staff was also very professional and friendly. Highly Recommended Restaurant in the area!
11/20/2020 2:35:23 PM Report

It was my first time using this flower shop, and I was very pleased! I ordered some flowers online to be sent to my mom for her birthday at her retirement home. She said they were beautiful. All the other residents kept stopping and complimenting her on them as she brought them back to her apartment. I ordered around noon, and they were delivered the same day. Thank you for the excellent service!
11/20/2020 12:53:12 PM Report