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Isela J. McGough
My dishwasher that was not starting was solved by their awesome technician guy. All of my concerns were addressed without any hassles at all. It was them that provided me a terrific and competent technician who was able to handle the task effectively. Indeed, a fast and dependable service that I will strongly recommend to all! Excellent piece of work!
1/20/2021 4:59:02 AM Report

This coffee shop is my favorite place to hang. I like the ambiance of the place. It was so cozy and warm. The staves were so approachable and accommodating. The coffee was so delicious and the pastries as well. This coffee shop is a must-visit shop in this town. I can't wait to visit this shop again.
1/7/2021 7:05:00 PM Report

I could say that this place is my favorite. They have great coffee, and you can clearly see that the baristas are very passionate about delivering quality coffee. One of them knows how to make lots of latte art, not only the usual leaf and heart. When I received the coffee, the art captivated my heart and the taste of it made me addictive. Have yours!
1/7/2021 7:03:31 PM Report

I went to this restaurant for lunch, and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly service. All of the staff know exactly what they are doing and do it professionally. They serve foods very quickly and carefully. A homey and comfortable environment in the restaurant. Highly recommended!
1/7/2021 4:36:23 PM Report