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There are 3 key reasons why most people struggle with meditation. Bee Monarch has developed online meditation courses that address the key challenges, designed for busy, distracted people who want to transform themselves at the most fundamental level of life – and be profoundly resilient -- but can’t meditate alone in the forest for months on end like she did since the 1990s.

The modular courses are based on Bee’s own experience over the decades, using 2.5-millennia-year-old methods verified by ancient texts describing the Buddha’s own experience (no religion involved; we’re talking about subatomic interactions, to borrow a term from quantum physics). The course addresses the key challenges by: 1. Showing all participants the full “road map” of where meditation ultimately leads to (it goes far, far beyond merely inner peace) and why course participants are starting at a particular place in the roadmap; 2. Precisely how to get there – precisely; and 3. the roadmap is presented by someone who has walked the entire way (and very few people have, which is why there is a lack of clarity), which is important because only someone who has traveled the full path can “see” the roadmap and has a visceral understanding of the journey.

Bee's meditation training goes beyond mindfulness meditation and vipassana meditation, both of which she found to be incomplete. She explains the differences between her teaching and mindfulness and vipassana respectively in these videos: What's Beyond Mindfulness ( and What's Beyond Vipassana (

To help course participants build consistency and commitment into their meditation practice, the courses includes accountability (in the form of a regular journal that Bee responds to, with the aim of helping participants develop their practice) and private, one-to-one calls with Bee.

The meditation classes, courses and programs are held online and are open to participants worldwide. There is also a scholarship for individuals in financial need.

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