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- 9/8/2020 5:20:15 PM
We went to this restaurant with my granddaughter and three other adults for a Sunday breakfast. The seating was fast, comfortable, and all the food came promptly. I shared the silver dollar pancakes w... read more
- 5/12/2020 9:50:59 AM
This is my fifth time coming to this restaurant. Everything about this restaurant is so damn perfect. From the foods, drinks, interior design, prices, and ambiance. They also have a skillful and exper... read more
- 5/12/2020 7:55:52 AM
I love this restaurant. All of their foods are awesome and tasty. It's a very private place and the food is great. The service is good and the place is very neat. One of the best restaurants I've eate... read more
- 5/6/2020 11:24:48 AM
Very highly recommended restaurant here in our region! I went to this restaurant to taste their bestseller food. I thanked the waitress for serving the food hot. I was so satisfied with the taste and ... read more
- 5/6/2020 8:34:15 AM
This restaurant is a very good choice for fine dining or simply hanging out. Spanish foods are superb and cooked to almost perfection. The staff is equally hospitable and the kind that knows the job t... read more


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