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- 3/24/2022 3:25:03 PM
A truly phenomenal service! Last Friday, I had trouble with my cooktop not igniting, therefore I had to call this company to get a technician as soon as possible. He came, and I was so amazed by his w... read more
- 3/23/2022 2:11:14 PM
It was indeed a flawless service! The technician was able to quickly mend my cooktop that was not igniting and delivered an effective repair. Also, he was very focused and hardworking. His great ideas... read more
- 11/12/2021 2:35:24 PM
A five-star rating to this amazing company. Their technician was kind, informative, and detailed upon doing the repair of my cooktop that was not igniting. His service and attention to detail are exce... read more
- 10/4/2021 3:05:55 PM
No doubt that this appliance repair company is the best when it comes to any appliance resolution. My oven that was not heating was perfectly mended in just a snap. The technician proficiently repaire... read more
- 10/1/2021 5:05:18 PM
A week before my birthday, and my family loves to drink cold wine. But our Stove Overheating I gave up. However, my worries ended when your technician arrived timely and restored it like new. He was s... read more


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