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Fantastic online grocery shopping, fast & efficient! App offers tracking so great to see when your food items is about to arrive. Polite & friendly drivers, can’t ask for much more really!
5/15/2020 3:52:22 AM Report

Charlie C managed to squeeze our Window glass into a small opening in his schedule. We're absolutely thrilled with the job, just a beautiful installation. He was particular on the aesthetics and very meticulous--the grout is perfect color match, the caulk blends perfectly, the edges precise. Couldn't ask for more from a work crew--tarps protected the floors and counters, no mess left behind, very polite and considerate guys, and on time. Will definitely re-hire and recommend wholeheartedly.
9/15/2017 6:43:43 PM Report

I am a hard working  guy, and like many of us, my apartment was lets just say, not in the best shape. My girlfriend basically told me "babe, clean this up or your gonna have to start staying at my place" I found Mindy’s Cleaning Services New York a came over and WOW!!!  I can't wait to show my girl!  Great job . A++++  
8/5/2017 7:09:35 AM Report

I have been dealing with CVM Contractors NYC since I first moved to park slope 11 years ago. They are truly amazing at what they do. Very professional and first class experience with there designs and service. 5 stars for me
7/14/2017 2:08:31 AM Report

These guys were great! They were helpful, able to do the work quickly, etc. We used them for a kitchen backsplash. They showed me around ( very packed with choices) of their store and gave me some options and prices. I choose the best for my kitchen and they installed it very fast The equipment came in on time. The work was done on time. It was an overall lovely experience.
6/15/2017 1:36:16 AM Report

They are professional and skilled. Always conscientious to clean up after a job as well which I completely appreciate living in a small apartment with 2 kids; The guys take pride in their work too which is evident in the finished product. Highly recommended!
6/6/2017 9:18:03 AM Report

nuestras fotos de compromiso en el otoño y luego fotografió nuestra boda del Ayuntamiento de SF en mayo pasado. Pasaron todo el día con nosotros, capturando el día a través de fotos y video. Ellos sabe los entresijos de la alcaldía y nuestras fotos resultó absolutamente precioso. Además, hacen todo su propio montaje y toma su tiempo, para asegurarse de que el producto final es absolutamente perfecto. Además, queríamos un video para recordar el día y para enseñar a nuestra familia y amigos en nuestra celebración de bodas en julio, crearon un video realmente hermoso que nos ayudará a revivir nuestro día especial y otra vez. Si está buscando Fotógrafo del Ayuntamiento de SF,. Fotografía y video new york Valen cada centavo !!
5/17/2017 3:17:34 AM Report

I'll definitely continue using Affordable Cleaning Service Brooklyn and recommend them to my friends. They're now my go to cleaning service. As a matter of fact, I'm going to sign up for weekly cleanings :)
5/4/2017 2:18:19 PM Report