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Leah Mcfarlane
This hotel is awesome! The food was all delicious and the service is great. The room was clean, with no problems with any bugs or anything. All the outlets worked and anything else in the room. Assisted everywhere and provided all the necessary quality care. I would love to return there for another stay. Overall it was an excellent stay! Thank you!
7/7/2020 3:26:53 PM Report

This cafeteria is wonderful and our always go-to after attending masses. It was a long line but it is worth the wait because their food is still hot and delicious. They always make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their menu and services. I will definitely go back here again and again.
4/30/2020 12:22:05 PM Report

I thanked my friend for telling me about your heating and air conditioning service. The technician who came to my house did the service in a very nice and accurate manner. Thank you so much for your kindness, guys! I must strongly and highly recommend you to everyone who needs your help here in our place!
4/29/2020 6:07:40 PM Report

I was so amazed at this store! I love their atmosphere and their decorations inside. They had colorful high-chairs and wonderful handwritings on the chalkboard where their menu was handwritten. We had their Chicken Parmesan yesterday, and it was phenomenal! They also had the fastest and excellent service than any other restaurant in the city!
4/28/2020 12:03:40 PM Report