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Julia Nicholson
Great friendly staff! Very accommodating when making appointments. So happy with results. My legs feel and look so much better!
8/9/2019 7:01:56 AM Report

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in an NYC clinic. The staff at the front desk were extremely polite and helpful. Dr. Fathollahi genuinely listened to my symptoms and ordered tests right away. I’ve been to so many doctors trying to find the cause for my symptoms but she is actually trying to figure it out. This will be my only clinic from now on.
7/29/2019 6:44:01 AM Report

Best dentist in New York! Dr. John Koutsoyiannis is an excellent doctor who made me feel comfortable from the moment I sat in the chair! The office is very professional, and the service is out standing. I would definitely recommend Dr. John Koutsoyiannis to all my friends.
5/17/2019 11:08:37 AM Report

I had an emergency. I booked 1st appointment available. Staff was pleasant, thorough and despite my anxiety at being there in the first place, I felt 10x better when I left. I am really happy with the results!
4/16/2019 11:53:49 AM Report

Place was very nice! Dr. Farzin Farokhzadeh always is there for me when needed and does a great job. Today I came in with a tooth ache and he was off. The other doctors examined me and performed a root canal, all in the same day, and I didnt have an appointment before I called this morning. Great team! Thanks again!
4/15/2019 7:07:28 AM Report

Professional staff and doctor. A very good experience! Excellent choice for a diagnostic testing center. I highly recommend this New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center!
4/11/2019 2:24:06 PM Report

Dr. Dmitriy Bronfman is the best doctor!!! He is professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Dmitriy Bronfman loves his job. He takes care of patients. He listens to all concerns. He makes sure that you are comfortable and don’t have any worries prior to leaving his office. He gives detailed explanations! I recommended him to all my female friends!
4/10/2019 12:44:22 PM Report