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Jo Blake
One of the best service, best food was tasty! I love the staff here they are so friendly and they cook the food so amazingly. If you want authentic Armenian food, definitely come here!!
7/2/2020 6:45:27 PM Report

I thanked your barber for cutting my hair excellently. I like his way of cutting my hair because it was so fast and perfect. I can say that he is such a great man when it comes to this kind of work. I should visit your barbershop again and again. Five stars for the excellent service! Very strongly recommended to everyone!
4/23/2020 11:16:19 AM Report

Remarkable HVAC air conditioning repair service indeed. The repair was done on time, and it amazed me so much. I would definitely recommend and refer your services to everyone without any hesitation. I am deeply impressed by how he handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. I will use it again for sure. Magnificent!
4/21/2020 6:48:13 PM Report

Fast forward to the front of the line. They were pretty efficient with taking orders and had two people working registers. I went with the Tenders & Shake Fries. I got the 'Country' level of spice (I know, but I can barely handle anything spicy at all).
4/21/2020 12:01:19 PM Report