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Evangeline Gutierrez
We highly recommend Pete McRoberts /Canopy Mortgage! He is extremely knowledgeable and honest. He also really cares about his clients and making sure they get the right loan. Highly recommend it.
2/21/2023 1:17:41 PM Report

LORENZO HERNANDEZ MASONRY LLC went the extra mile to investigate our sidewalk rising up and discovered the pipe underneath. We were very pleased with the quality of their work and their promptness in resolving the issue. Highly recommended company.
2/21/2023 1:08:30 PM Report

This was one of the most professional companies we've ever dealt with! Their quality work was absolutely tremendous, they kept their promised timeline, and they stayed within budget! I would highly, highly recommend JD Construction Service!
2/21/2023 12:51:43 PM Report

These guys provided a great service for a great price, were very responsive and knowledgeable. Absolutely will be using them for future painting needs. Highly recommended!
2/21/2023 10:58:07 AM Report

These people are great -- very good pricing, good work and fair value. Fast and responsive to communication.
2/21/2023 9:56:41 AM Report

The customer service was fantastic! Honest, knowledgeable, and provided fair pricing. Their attention to quality and detail is top notch. Highly recommended!
2/21/2023 9:44:37 AM Report

Michael is a great teacher, very informative and hands on. He answered all my questions and corrected everything that I needed help with. I will definitely recommend Emergency Response Training Services to everyone I know!
2/20/2023 5:47:52 PM Report

Great company from start to finish, the driver kept in contact via text while we were stuck in customs. Very responsibly priced, I would definitely use them again.
2/20/2023 5:35:32 PM Report

My brother called this company for a quote, and they were very responsive. The work was completed and they did a great job. Very professional and affordable. Their attention to quality and detail is top notch. Highly recommended company!
2/20/2023 5:21:29 PM Report

The crew was polite and friendly. My mom couldn't be happier with the final results of her kitchen. Was able to get the job done quickly and painlessly as the team. They were courteous and conscientious. Highly recommended!
2/20/2023 4:40:55 PM Report

Received a quick response from Cor Tech Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC to a water leak problem with my elderly mother's house. They came out the same day and had great communication with their staff. The team arrived as stated, fixed the problem, and cleaned up before leaving
2/20/2023 4:32:43 PM Report

My parents worked with Manuel Construction for kitchen remodeling. Their team was professional and thorough. My parents were very pleased with the results. Pricing was extremely fair for the quality and amount of work. Highly recommended!
2/20/2023 4:10:20 PM Report

Fantastic service, fantastic results. Wing Man Services crew is a true professional, delivers exactly as promised, and at a good price. We will be returning for all our pressure washing and cleaning needs. Highly recommended company.
2/20/2023 3:48:30 PM Report

Highly recommend this company. Snyder Meat Processing team made my life easier processing bee,. Setup, dispatch, meat breakdown and cleanup was 100% professional.
2/20/2023 2:41:07 PM Report

Indiana Wall Systems gave my brother an appointment promptly for the estimate. Their quote was also better. They were able to perform the job reasonably soon, were flexible with my brother's schedule, and they did it exactly as quoted. Highly recommended company.
2/20/2023 2:15:37 PM Report

They were prompt, quoted a fair price, and completed the job on-time. Great quality work and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their service.
2/20/2023 1:51:18 PM Report

Lemuel did a great job in explaining the whole process, and had incredible response time. Repairs were done quickly too, faster than my quoted time, thanks to the mechanics! Will definitely bring my car again when needed.
2/20/2023 12:28:01 PM Report

Everyone wants to look young, feel refreshed and lead a happy and confident life. You can always have it at The Art of Beauty by Naunie LLC.
11/16/2022 11:38:42 AM Report

They were prompt, courteous, clean and thorough! We are very pleased with the work, and will absolutely use Orion TV Repair again!
11/16/2022 11:21:05 AM Report

Ferdinand Handyman Services quotations are very detailed and well presented and you know exactly what to expect. Good value for money from a company that you can rely on. Highly recommended plumbing/roofing services!
11/16/2022 11:04:37 AM Report

They were curious, kind, and always helped my parents with answering questions with their professional opinions. The work was completed within the timeline of the original quote and the amount my parents paid was very fair. Highly recommended.
11/16/2022 10:48:16 AM Report

They were awesome! The team went above and beyond to provide a professional moving experience to my mom’s house. So, I am thinking of hiring them soon when I finish constructing our own house.
11/16/2022 10:10:54 AM Report

Great work! These guys are super professional, honest, and do the job right! Would definitely recommend it in the future!
11/16/2022 9:25:21 AM Report