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Charles E. Haines
Everytime somebody comes from out of town that love guns, i take em there. If there is somebody at my workplace interested in owning a gun for home or personal protection, i take em here. Its very clean, very professional and the staff are not a bunch of eliteist that think they know it all. Its a great place to go in the mornings but it does get a bit congested in the afternoons.
7/6/2021 10:57:02 AM Report

I love wandering around the different galleries. There are so many new things to see each month. It's always interesting to catch Gregson Lunz at work in his studio and see what he's in the middle of, and it's very inspiring to me.
7/6/2021 10:43:27 AM Report

We have been using them on and off for the last few years. Moved into a new house and now we signed up for regular cleanings. They do great work and have always been friendly. Plus a discount on regular service.
7/6/2021 10:29:36 AM Report

I can not say enough GREAT things about this company. They were professional and responsive to any questions and were extremely QUICK!! The iron gate for our entrance to our home is AMAZING!!
7/6/2021 10:23:41 AM Report

Peter has a great ears and he knows very well the wood repairing, the pitch raising, the pedal mechanism for silent etc... My 2 pianos sound and play now beautifully. I will definitely be booking him again for my next tuning. I highly recommend hiring Peter.
7/6/2021 10:07:52 AM Report

The people here were amazing. Great Staff!! Very informative and positive. John was beyond what I expected. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, patient and polite. Go fly here if you have the chance.
7/6/2021 9:27:16 AM Report

We are totally delighted with the workmanship, timeliness and pricing on our new shower enclosure. This was a difficult job because our new shower had the door at an odd angle and our 10' ceilings merited an 83" height. But they were able to design the enclosure with no header. We just love the job Stained Glass Restoration & Custom Works did and would use them again!
7/6/2021 9:06:17 AM Report

We couldn't be happier with the outcome of the video David made for us. David is incredibly talented, he puts his whole heart in to his work and makes you feel like your project is the only one he's working on.
7/6/2021 8:47:25 AM Report

I would recommend these guys to anyone. The job they did was fast, precise, and beautiful. Their prices were the best we looked at.
7/6/2021 8:03:24 AM Report

Incredible detail job! Came to our house and did both of our vehicles. Asked questions and went over the vehicle after they were done. Appreciated the thoroughness and quality. Will be calling them again!
7/6/2021 7:55:04 AM Report

I had a rat problem at my home and my wife and I could not figure out where it was coming from. I called this company and Chris was at our home within 2 hours. Needless to say the problem is gone and he was very professional and respectful. I recommend using this business. Thanks again Chris!
7/6/2021 7:46:49 AM Report

They had my driveway and garage so clean I parked my car along the sidewalk for 2 days. They was really quick and efficient and prices are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
7/6/2021 7:19:15 AM Report

Great service! Punctual, polite and explained to me In details the process! Wouldn't doubt even a second to hire them for any electrical work I need and I'll recommend to my friends as well.
7/6/2021 7:14:56 AM Report

DGA NY did an amazing job of repainting my home. There is a night and day difference of what it used to look like to what it now looks like. The service received from this company was also top notch and very professional.
6/19/2021 1:34:28 AM Report

This company was absolutely great and very prompt! Extremely professional and friendly! I will definitely be recommending you guys in the future!!
6/18/2021 7:13:29 PM Report

These movers is one of the most awesome and professional moving company. They were on time and very efficient with everything. The movers themselves were very friendly as well. I am happy with my move and would love to use them. I consider this money very well spent and I highly recommend them.
6/18/2021 6:28:11 PM Report

Thank you guys for helping me out. Great customer service & very quick. Definitely recommend this company.
6/18/2021 6:14:24 PM Report

Very fast and efficient. Called the same day for pickup and it was on time. Will be using their service again!!!
6/18/2021 5:52:22 PM Report

I wanted my fiancé to have no idea she was being photographed and he went above and beyond in making sure she had no idea, while also capturing every moment. Couldn't be happier with the results.
6/10/2021 2:06:57 PM Report

These guys are the best! The delivery guy went above and beyond to follow every detail of my request. If you need something delivered ASAP, this is the company you want to go to!
6/10/2021 2:01:02 PM Report

My experience was off the charts with these guys. They are all really good, down to earth folks, with integrity and honest commitment to the 100% satisfaction of their customers. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience and final results.
6/10/2021 1:54:05 PM Report

I've used this service twice and am very Pleased. Reliable, communication along the way and great for last minute runs across town. Will use service again.
6/10/2021 1:45:31 PM Report

Very competent and professional. This company was a delight to work with. They did everything they could to help us. We highly recommend The Heart And Soul Of Weddings.
6/10/2021 1:32:48 PM Report

Excellent service! I will definitely use them from now on. Extremely affordable and the customer service was great, from the initial phone call until the process was over. Highly recommend this company.
6/10/2021 1:23:22 PM Report

They were very professional from the front office staff to the plumber who did the work. They worked with me to make the experience enjoyable and the work was professional. I highly recommend them.
6/10/2021 1:17:43 PM Report

Everything was perfect. Dj Jake Boudinot messaged before and after the wedding. Thank you so much for your service.
6/10/2021 12:35:42 PM Report

These people are the BEST. Had a shower enclosure installed and the job was so good had them back to do our second bathroom. They are DETAIL ORIENTED and STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK!. I can HIGHLY recommend D.E.A. Construction.
6/10/2021 12:09:51 PM Report

These guys are awesome. Bought a bunch of accessories for my truck. Had some issues with a part and the team was great. I brought my truck in and they spent a couple of hours reviewing the issue and fixed the problem. Highly recommend!
6/9/2021 4:04:57 PM Report

Axel and his team are amazing! Had some shirts made for my business and they came out perfectly, not to mention that he is very responsive to all emails, texts, calls. (A very rare trait these days)
6/1/2021 3:44:39 PM Report

Cynthia was extremely professional and personable. She arrived with mask, gloves and a great attitude. I was impressed at how organized and efficient she was.
6/1/2021 3:24:40 PM Report

Wow... I can't say enough good things about this company. From top to bottom, this company is comprised of the best of the best and we are so happy that we worked with them.
6/1/2021 3:18:42 PM Report

We couldn't be happier with our project! The owner was reliable and easy to communicate. The crew was impressively hard working and professional. We would definitely use them again and recommend them!
6/1/2021 3:14:15 PM Report

Great to work with & very responsive to emails. The drivers are very helpful making deliveries in the older building with callboxes & older elevators. From setup, delivery & billing it is all an easy process.
6/1/2021 2:52:07 PM Report

Great service! They always does an outstanding job helping us with our rentals. Definitely recommended to all people either for individual rentals or for companies THEY ARE GREAT!
5/28/2021 1:20:54 PM Report

We love this company and would highly recommend to anyone. This company was very professional and efficient. They made recommendations that would help us in the future and was sure to do all that he could to ensure our satisfaction.
5/26/2021 5:21:13 PM Report

This company performed at the house today. All of them are exceptionally helpful & knowledgeable.
5/25/2021 6:54:51 PM Report

The process was easy, fast, excellent customer service, very reasonable pricing and in the end quality work.
5/25/2021 12:05:22 AM Report

They arrived on time and were very professional and took extra care covering everything. They cleaned up and did an absolutely beautiful job. My bathroom is gorgeous. Well worth the cost. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
5/20/2021 4:59:56 AM Report

Dianna was an absolute professional the whole way through the process. She was very attentive and brought great ideas and solutions to the table. Dianna also works with a great stager and had the house sold very quickly.
5/14/2021 2:49:21 AM Report

Kimm is phenomenal! I am a first time home owner and was very overwhelmed with the entire situation. She listened to everything I wanted and led me through the entire process of purchasing a home from start to finish. She answered all my questions even before I could ask them. She is truly the absolute best!
5/10/2021 10:12:13 AM Report

I am absolutely Thrilled with the work performed by E.S.P. Landscaping. This company is Extremely professional and affordable. I recommend everyone use this company for their landscape project.
5/8/2021 2:39:28 AM Report

Tamlyn is amazing at what she does! Takes the time to explain everything in detail, really puts your needs and wants into consideration and is so knowledgeable when it comes to the communities and areas. Thank you Tamlyn for helping us find the perfect place!
5/3/2021 12:57:03 AM Report

We called for an issue w/our shower and they responded right away. The plumber that assisted us was very courteous, and provided us with a quote on the same day. The job was completed on time and did not exceed the price that was quoted. Thanks for your excellent service,
4/28/2021 5:46:56 AM Report

Marcus of Hyline Construction came out and take a look at the roof after we had some cosmetic damage. He was very knowledgeable and confirmed that the roof was still waterproof and we just had a few tiles slightly out of place. He took pictures and walked me through all the things he observed. Great job!!!
4/27/2021 1:37:59 AM Report

Great customer service! Had some work done to sell our house and they were amazing to work with. They even came back twice, at no extra cost, to meet with, and make additional repairs requested by, the buyer's home inspector. Definitely recommended.
4/22/2021 8:32:22 PM Report