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Ann Davenport
She is an amazing real estate agent who got us a great deal on our new house. She is not only a tough negotiator but also professional and hard working. She is always available for questions and an excellent communicator. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone!
5/8/2021 4:55:06 AM Report

Working with Mercedes and her team at New Jubilee has been fantastic. I have used New Jubilee multiple times now and will be a loyal customer moving forward with their competitive rates and clean vehicles.
5/3/2021 2:32:12 AM Report

They were on time, listened to us, and at every stage checked every aspect to ensure we were happy with the progress. They were really quick and got the job done! 10/10 service.
4/29/2021 3:43:12 PM Report

HFMfg did not disappoint.. The workmanship and attention to detail is incredible. Will recommend them in any EDM, CNC high precision drilling needs.
4/27/2021 3:10:40 AM Report

They showed up on time and with masks on. They did a great job and got stains out in the bathrooms I wasn't able to get. Very thorough, friendly and hard working! I hope to use them in the future.
4/22/2021 9:56:38 PM Report