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Alix Smyth
Good place reliable, good business, fast service and quality tires. I recommend this tire shop to anyone. Reasonable prices good service.
7/7/2020 4:43:09 PM Report

AWESOME! I'm so grateful that I had the chance to hire this company because I needed an HVAC air conditioning repair. Thankfully, these guys managed to respond promptly, and it was nice because they were able to handle the task effectively. The service was totally outstanding, and I would like to commend them for finishing the repair at the most convenient time. Great job, guys! THANKS!
4/29/2020 6:37:05 PM Report

The best grocery chain in the heart of the desert. The place was very quaint and old-fashioned. They have a good selection of wines and beers here, too. The staff I encountered last weekend was very helpful and kind. He helped me with my groceries, especially in the meat section. They have the best service and amazing customer service here.
4/28/2020 12:35:44 PM Report