Akamai Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service

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92-620 Mehani Street
HI 96707


11am – 3pm
11am – 3pm
11am – 3pm
11am – 3pm
11am – 3pm

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grocery shopping and delivery

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Check, Invoice, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa, Invoice, American Express, Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa
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knowledgeable of Local Foods
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same day delivery
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My mom and I always go to this grocery shop every Friday for our usual grocery shopping. The cashers even recognized us already because of how frequently we go there. I couldn't drag my mom to any other grocery shop because she already loves it there. Guys, you already got my mom's loyalty, and I'm sure that she's not the only one. Thanks!
9/7/2020 2:12:59 PM Report

I really found this grocery shop to be very inexpensive and worth visiting for. They have pleasant staff and wide isles. I enjoy shopping there because of the wide selection and they have the fastest cashiers that I know. I can't say any negative comments to this grocery shop. This is all perfect! Highly recommended!
9/4/2020 4:49:46 PM Report

It's one of the best places to pick up groceries. They have local and imported items. Love to buy groceries here, more expensive but more comfortable anyway. They almost have everything of what I need. They have excellent customer service too. In short, imported goods around the world in one store. Highly recommended!
5/12/2020 10:30:56 AM Report

I prefer to buy my groceries in this shop. Staffs are courteous and there's a chair for you to sit down while the cashier is doing her job. Meats, veggies, fruits, and kinds of seafood are fresh. And there are local and imported items for us to choose from. No long waits in the cashier area. Fantastic place! Highly recommend!
5/12/2020 10:29:09 AM Report

I have been coming to this grocery shop for almost a year, but still, their services were so good. I love buying fruits and vegetables in this shop because it is all fresh and affordable. Their staves are also accommodating and friendly. You must be known by many! You are strongly recommended to everyone!
5/6/2020 8:07:40 AM Report

Very classy and affordable grocery shop here in our area! Last week, my mother asked me to buy some goods for our needs. I was so thankful to your saleslady for helping me to find the vegetable area. All the things that I needed were all available in your grocery shop. You expect me to visit your shop again!
5/6/2020 7:37:44 AM Report

I can surely recommend your grocery shop to all of my family and friends. I thanked your staff for answering my questions. The cashiers are all active and speedy in doing their work. When it comes to the environment, it is all organized and tidy. You didn't fail to amaze your customers, guys. Until next time! Highly recommended!
5/6/2020 7:15:21 AM Report

I highly recommend your grocery shop to all of my friends! It was my first time to visit your shop, and I was so impressed with what I saw. All of your products were so affordable. I was so amazed when I noticed that your goods were all organized. I didn't regret my decision to visit your shop. From now on, I will be your regular customer!
5/6/2020 6:28:41 AM Report

This place was my kid's favorite and mine, too. They have everything I need. They had fresh veggies, fruits, and meat every day. It was our weekend routine to spend time here in the grocery shop. Whenever my kids heard I was going here, they always come and jumped in the car immediately. Thanks because they not only give me quality and fresh food, but I always have quality time with my kids!
4/30/2020 11:04:32 AM Report

The best grocery chain in the heart of the desert. The place was very quaint and old-fashioned. They have a good selection of wines and beers here, too. The staff I encountered last weekend was very helpful and kind. He helped me with my groceries, especially in the meat section. They have the best service and amazing customer service here.
4/28/2020 12:35:44 PM Report

This grocery shop is my daughter's favorite place to go-to after mass. They had our basic necessities, like food and clothes. They have household needs, too. But my daughter loved their children aisle here, where you can find a different kinds of toys both for boys and girls. They have a cheaper price than in the malls, so we prefer buying our stuff and needs here.
4/28/2020 12:12:05 PM Report

This grocery shop is near our place and it was full of stocked always. They sell from household needs to our personal necessities. Their products were well-organized here. They have the friendliest and helpful staff here than any other grocery shop in the city. They have the friendliest butcher, too.
4/28/2020 11:50:07 AM Report

A spacious grocery shop that I liked the most from this shop. I liked walking down in their aisle because it was so wide. The salad section was my favorite because they had all types of salad, which I could choose from. Also, they had a huge variety of fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, and fish. This grocery shop is my to-go shop from now on.
4/27/2020 1:01:45 PM Report

Huge thanks to your salesman for helping me to find the noodles and dairy area! It was my first time to buy some groceries in your shop, and I was so satisfied with the products and the service as well. The meats and vegetables were so fresh, and I like it much. A high rating for you, guys! Very strongly recommended!
4/23/2020 11:06:49 AM Report