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Alvin Russell
The problem that I had was that I could not get connected to the internet. Mike from Broadstar checked out my modem and found it to be defective. He replaced it with a new one and that solved the problem. It was good to have the problem fixed so quickly.
5/11/2018 12:37:51 PM Report

We order our cleanroom supplies from Century Manufacturing Corp on a regular basis and their cleaning supplies are always exceptionally reliable and very good in quality. we use a lot of their cleaning wipes and all purpose cleaning spray and both do the job very well when we have to clean our department.
5/9/2018 2:31:29 PM Report

Amazing job on my custom painting. Started with a low resolution, pixelated photo, and turned it into a beautiful 20x30" masterpiece - and no one else has one like it. Thanks very much for another job well done!
5/9/2018 2:04:23 PM Report