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Company description

Talygen is a complete project management software incorporated with an online time tracking tool, CRM software, HR Module, Gantt Chart, Invoicing, Expense Tracking, and many more features. It enables its clients to track and manage projects, progress, and performance. Take a FREE trial today!


Talygen is a recommended software for remote employee software. The live screen monitoring tracks the records of every task completed, websites surfed, emails sent, and other activities. For businesses with physically distanced employees, it is a robust tool. The app is easy to install on smartphones and desktops. It enables the users to easily access records and keep remote staff updated.
5/13/2021 7:12:40 PM Report

Never thought that a day will come when employees will be capturing images and recording employee’s desktop screens. The flexibility of monitoring remote teams, detailed reporting, resource tracking, scheduling, and many more benefits are provided by Talygen. The computer activities, chats, time spent, all are tracked automatically. Above all, GPS tracking enables managers to track the remote location of an individual. This easy-to-use software is used by my all friends in the business. Highly recommended!
5/6/2021 7:42:59 PM Report

Talygen is simply the best remote work monitoring tool out there. It's really easy to use and packed with tons of amazing features, such as the performance review system.
4/27/2021 4:56:10 PM Report

I got my remote team’s work productivity managed seamlessly with Talygen. It helped maximize remote team productivity and tracked attendance. It features a user-friendly dashboard that provides productivity and work-in-progress report in real-time. Graphical Representation, App Usage & URL Tracking, Automated Screenshots, and much more are provided by this single software. I recommend it, it is a must-try web app!
4/20/2021 4:58:54 PM Report

I downloaded Talygen to improve work from home practices for my business and this software fostered my remote employee’s productivity. It provides effective and secure monitoring of the staff outside the office. Improved productivity, reduced traveling, real-time conversations, cloud-based, cybersecurity, and more benefits are offered. Moreover, the employers can have full control over the authorization of employees. Must-Try!
4/14/2021 4:06:40 PM Report

I’ve used a couple of different work from home monitoring tools out there but none is as good as TALYGEN for sure. Kudos to the team!
4/7/2021 5:19:38 PM Report

I’ve used a couple of different work from home monitoring tools out there but none is as good as TALYGEN for sure. Kudos to the team!
4/7/2021 5:14:49 PM Report

It was all because of Talygen, that today my remote teams are productive and dedicatedly delivering quality projects. The remote team monitoring software by Talygen helped me monitor my remote staff’s activities, task status, and a lot more without making any harm to their privacy. Talygen enforces security, manages schedules, controls remote desktops, and creates accurate client bills. I request all business owners and freelancers to try Talygen once.
3/23/2021 3:44:27 PM Report

Thanks to Talygen! I gained full control over my remote employee’s desktop screens. With this automated tool, I found it hassle-free and convenient to measure the time and productivity of remote teams within a single solution. It helps gain insights into the team’s workflow, improves the efficiency of the projects, and provides accurate time logs of employees across the globe.
3/16/2021 4:22:46 PM Report

Talygen’s ticketing system has made my business issue management ease. With an exceptional and automated solution, I have been enjoying systematic ticket processing and responding. It’s quick, advance, and convenient to use to support simple to complex issues. I suggest you all give it a try!
3/3/2021 5:45:21 PM Report

I found Talygen the best and easy-to-use issue management system to troubleshoot help desk problems. It is a web-based issue tracker that is loaded with many features and best fits the needs of all businesses. It helped me effortlessly to prioritize tickets, assign tickets to remote agents, categorize department-specific tickets, manage client tickets, and a lot more. Must-Try!
3/1/2021 5:31:18 PM Report

Our team has been using the Talygen app for time tracking and performance reviews for a few months. It is very simple to use and gets the job done. The best part is the web-based activity tracking software allows us to do the tracking from anywhere. Highly recommended!
2/25/2021 4:04:45 PM Report

It’s not only project planning, this fully-featured Gantt Chart Software has truly made my project and resource scheduling easy as well. The real-time Gantt chart from Talygen provides a big picture of the entire business in a visualized format. Highly recommended.
2/24/2021 3:50:49 PM Report

It works great! It offers awesome tools for Resource management & assignment. I would highly recommend it for all!
2/23/2021 9:59:37 PM Report

I have been using Talygen to work with several remote employees and my office staff together. It helps me a great deal with time management, schedules, and billing. Also, it does the screenshot cloud-storing for me, which is very helpful. Highly Recommended!
2/22/2021 5:50:26 PM Report

Highly recommending. Apart from using Talygen for projects, it has become my go-to system to do just about everything, from budgeting to resource management and even just sharing data. Thanks, guys!
2/22/2021 3:54:36 PM Report

Thanks to Talygen’s online time tracker, I no longer have to manually log everything. I spend less than 2 minutes a day to log and report my time spent. If you are logging the time and billing money per hour, Talygen’s Online Time Tracker is all you need.
2/18/2021 4:59:17 PM Report

Highly recommending. Apart from using Talygen for projects, it has become my go-to system to do just about everything, from budgeting to resource management and even just sharing data. Thanks guys!
2/17/2021 11:45:46 PM Report

Talygen delivers everything it promises. The interface and user-friendliness are the USP for sure. The social media and Google Events integrations are pretty amazing. A must-try app for event management.
2/16/2021 9:31:42 PM Report

Thanks to Talygen! It helped me achieve my organizational financial objectives with its automated expense tracking software. It automates expense workflows, control expenses, helps in faster reimbursement, and improves visibility. Easy-to-use, scalable, minimal manual intervention, and reduces turnaround time. It is secure and easy to upload bulk entries and generate expense reports. Highly recommended!
2/15/2021 5:24:30 PM Report

Talygen’s suite of project management apps has helped us in streamlining our workflow and has also allowed our team to stay connected remotely. We started with 9 users and now have close to 50 connected in and outside of the office. Talygen is just perfect for us.
2/11/2021 11:04:20 PM Report

Overall, a great experience! Talygen has eliminated all kinds of asset management hassles for us. It makes tracking, life cycle management, as well as disposing off a cakewalk. Kudos to the team for this great asset tracker!
2/10/2021 10:10:35 PM Report

I would definitely recommend Talygen to anyone looking for a user-friendly & feature-packed cloud based storage application. It is reliable and easy-to-use. The USP here is the Microsoft Azure integration which makes sharing documents easy. I will say go for it!
2/8/2021 8:39:45 PM Report