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Visit Do Laundry For Me online to learn more about the NYC laundry service everyone has been talking about. Searching for efficient dry cleaning in NYC? Do Laundry For Me is just a phone call or online form away. Get started by visiting, where you’ll find transparent pricing information and the famous online ordering form. Customize your laundry order exactly how you like. Then, schedule a good pickup and drop-off time. You can leave your clothes with the doorman or we can pick up laundry from your office. Laundry will be returned at your chosen time washed and folded.Do Laundry For Me has changed the way New York City residents do laundry. Thanks to Do Laundry For Me, NYC residents no longer have to waste 10 hours a month doing laundry. Instead, someone can pick up your laundry from your door, take it to a local cleaning center, then deliver it back to you washed, cleaned, and folded. It’s never been easier to do laundry in New York City. Unlike other NYC laundry services, Do Laundry For Me doesn’t drop your laundry at an industrial warehouse or third party cleaning center. All cleaning is done in-house to ensure a consistently high-quality clean for every customer.Do Laundry For Me is a New York City laundry service available throughout Manhattan and Nassau County. Do Laundry For Me will pick up your clothes from your door, take it to a local laundry and dry cleaning facility, then clean the clothes as per your instructions, if any. Then, Do Laundry For Me will drop your clothes at your front door washed, folded, and ready to put away. Customers can also skip the delivery and drop off laundry at the Do Laundry For Me facility. Order your laundry service with just a few clicks online today at the official Do Laundry For Me website.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect with Do Laundry For Me, but I knew I wanted to treat myself (the closest decent laundromat to my apartment is 4 blocks away). I checked the pricing page on their website, and was very careful with the laundry items I chose to wash ($12.50 for a two piece suit is tough to beat). The guy arrived at my house and was courteous and professional. Almost exactly 48 hours later, that same guy showed up with my laundry cleaned, folded, pressed! Overall, I paid $23 for several pounds of laundry and the dry cleaned suit. Not bad for the convenience!
12/21/2016 4:05:39 PM Report