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Famous Chinese acupuncturist Dr. Rong Bing Zhu.
Dr. Rong Bing Zhu, LAc, Ph.D., OMD, is a New York Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. He graduated from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and earned his Ph.D. degree in Oriental Medicine at the American Liberty University in California, USA. He has been practicing Chinese medicine for over 40 years and has published numerous articles and books.
Dr. Zhu has been a member of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies(WFAS) since 1996 and delivered a speech at their annual conferences. Dr. Zhu is also an active member of numerous Acupuncture Societies across the country and serves as a Committee Board Member of the United Alliance of New York State Licensed Acupuncturist (UANYSLA). He is a vice president of the American Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also a world-renowned auricular medicine expert.
Dr. Zhu provides an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to your acupuncture experience through extensive pulse analysis, herbal and nutritional consultations, cupping, medical massage techniques, and auricular medicine.
Acupuncture treatment is mainly focused on pain, including neurasthenia, insomnia, stomach disease, and high blood pressure. In the meantime, it is also combined with traditional Chinese medicine diet and Qigong acupoint therapy. The result is remarkable and there are no side effects which are well received by the public. Western medicine cures the symptoms, Chinese medicine cures the disease, and learns from each other. The acupuncture treatment can greatly alleviate the pain, and some of the pains that require surgery can be cured by the acupuncture treatment.
For the treatment of pain, various types of inflammation and the so-called “incurable disease” by western medicine can be cured by some of the strange Chinese doctors you may have heard before. But combined with acupuncture, massage, and cupping (commonly known as “cupping” “suction”, etc), have you heard any doctors who used a variety of acupoint stimulation therapy to treat various incurable diseases? Dr. Zhu, a physician who follows the physical therapy characteristics of Chinese medicine and the recovery function of illness, through the cold and heat of Chinese medicine theory, and the dialectical treatment method. For decades, he has been working hard on the vast land of traditional Chinese clinical medicine. His Chinese medicine acupoint stimulation therapy has achieved a combination of point, line, face and the three-dimensional ways. His clinical theory and practical experience are professional and solid, his Chinese medicine has special effects on rheumatic pain, back muscle atrophy, shoulder inflammation, paralysis, epiphyseal fracture, joint pain, inflammation, asthma, headache, abdominal pain, traumatic blood stasis, general rheumatic cold and all sore diseases. He pointed out that Chinese medicine acupoint therapy such as massage and cupping are among the best treatments in physiotherapy. The Chinese medicine treatment should be combined with Western medicine for the better result.
Family background:
Dr. Zhu began to learn Chinese medicines with his parents who are famous Western clinical medicine practitioners. He once studied medical science from the famous orthopedics expert in mainland China. In 1989, Dr. Zhu graduated from Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and obtained a master’s degree in internal medicine. He went to the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and American Community College to study Chinese medicine. In 1995, he obtained a New York State acupuncturist license. He believes that Chinese medicine has been followed in the Chinese folk history, and the theory is still popular among the public. In the practice of Chinese medicine, a needle, a handful of herb, a bamboo tube can be used to treat diseases, simple and easy, and the effect is outstanding. Over the years, no matter facing which patient’s condition, the severe degree of disability patients, the Chinese medicine will always bring a good balance of Yin and Yang in the clinical result, it dredges the meridians, reduces swelling and promote blood circulation, and restore the rejuvenation effect of bodily functions.
In recent years, he published a clinical medical paper such as “Acupuncture Treatment of Cerebral Hemorrhage”. In 1997, Fujian Province Science and Technology Press published his monograph on “Cupping Treatment cures all”. As a senior and dedicated Chinese medicine theorist and practitioner, he is also active in various academic exchange activities in this subject. He participated in the 4th World Acupuncture Exchange Conference and the 42nd Session of the Sustainable International Development Branch and other Chinese medicine reports, he also wrote a report on the academic research of “Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of AIDS and High fever”. during the thirty years of practicing Chinese medicine, Dr. Zhu has diagnosed many patients from different countries with severe illnesses and brought them to the gospel and hope.
Practical experience:
A former German prime minister, because of his long-term desk work, also loves to play golf, he came to the Clinic to see Dr. Zhu, he demonstrates that his hands can only be raised to the chest and below the shoulder. Dr. Zhu diagnosed that the muscles around his shoulder had hardened, the shoulder straps had adhesions, multiple ligaments, and tendons were strained. The patient often felt shoulder pain and was difficult to turn over, especially at night. When sleeping, the active and passive activities of the shoulder joints in all directions are greatly limited due to the fear of shoulder compression. Everyday eating and dressing, washing and combing hair became difficult for him.
With the rich experience in clinical anatomy, Dr. Zhu finds five points that are easy to harden on the shoulders of patients and performs acupuncture therapy to him. He then performed long needle deep thorns on his main points such as the ‘shoulder mausoleum’ and ‘Yanglingquan’, which made his shoulder to have a strong feeling of numbness. He told the patient to move the shoulder (inside and outside rotation, forward and backward flexion, etc.), then he acupunctures the local side points again. To improve efficacy, Dr. Zhu also combined several acupoint stimulation therapies. He also used cupping therapy and used the finger to press on the affected shoulder to find the pain point. Then he used the glass cupping on the pain area of the patient for 10 to 15 minutes to promote the blood circulation of the patient. After the first treatment, the patient’s hand can be lifted up to the same height and the shoulder can also rotate freely, the second time treatment he was able to lift up hands to the eyebrows, at the third visit, the disease was completely cured.
In 2004, the president of a famous American venture capital company just escaped from a serious car accident, the patient was 70 years old. After the accident, the sixth joint of the cervical vertebrae and the elbow joints on both sides, all of the humerus on both sides had an open fracture with wounds, and both knees joints were severely fractured. A western medicine emergency clinic has been fixed his fracture parts with iron plates, straps to limit the movement activity at the fractured parts. His hands and his back were cut in many places, the whole body was bruised and painful, the knees were also deformed and swollen on both sides. Although they could fix his legs he still could not walk, they had to use crutches to help him to walk around.
Dr. Zhu encouraged him to have confidence in the recovery of his condition. at the same time, he applied massage cream and medicinal liquor in his affected area to gradually melt the blood vessels of the meridians and nerves, which made the meridians of the dysfunction disperse. The patient slowly regained a self-healing trend of his body, leaving only a certain degree of dysfunction. Through the treatment of removing acupoints obstruction and analgesic with some massage of the medicinal liquor, the medicinal liquor can be transmitted to the meridians and bones through the skin texture of the patient, and the joint stiffness, edema, and pain are deeply relieved. It avoided the drawbacks of gastrointestinal discomfort caused by the analgesics, and prevent the possibility of surgical treatment of complications, so that the patient can safely, economically and quickly relieve their pain. After four weeks of 2 treatments, the patient was able to walk away with a cane freely.
Chinese medicine meets western medicine:
From a monk called Jianzhen, the Chinese medicine was brought to Japan, and a Chinese mariner called Zheng He sailed to explore the western sea and spread Chinese medicine among countries in Southeast Asia. In the distant era of the past, Chinese medicine can overcome the geographical barriers and “rooted, sprouted in the exotic land”. In the complex cultural background and the theoretical system atmosphere, the two civilizations of Chinese and Western medicines inadvertently collide, this is already a step over between the two cultures gap. Dr. Zhu believes that Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years period with its own complete theoretical system, at this point, Chinese medicine theory and Western medicine theory are not comparable.
Dr. Zhu also said that due to the differences caused by the cultural background and theoretical system, the complexity of traditional Chinese medicine, it is difficult to explain the rich connotation of the essence of traditional Chinese medicine by using modern scientific and technological means. For a long time in the past, the applied research methods of traditional Chinese medicine have lagged behind, resulting in the low technological content of proprietary Chinese medicines. The products lack standardized and reliable data and controllable quality standards. Therefore, realizing the “modernization” of traditional Chinese medicine will be a long process. Despite this, Chinese medicine should complement the Western medicine in a mutually beneficial way. For example, Chinese medicine can be made into syrup, pills and injection types following the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to realize the scientific and technological essence of western medicine. Chinese medicine theory and therapeutic technology should be merged with modern technology and explained the theory of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment with modern language and clinical devices. Bringing Oriental Medicine into the West to treat diseases that Western medicine cannot treat; introducing Oriental medicine to Western medicine to supplement the inadequacy of Chinese medicine treatment technology. This should be the hope that the world is eager to achieve as soon as possible. Dr. Zhu emphasized that he will also explore and move forward on this road!
Difficult and complicated disease:
Dr. Zhu specialized in traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, Chinese medicine prescription, cupping therapy, auricular acupuncture, moxibustion, acupoint application, hand needle, massage therapy, scraping and other medical treatments. He specialized in curing diseases such as headache, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, Sciatica, disc herniation, deafness, tinnitus, frequent urination, urgency and other urinary tract syndrome, impotence, premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation, infertility, diabetes, high blood lipids, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, stomach pain, loose stool, anorexia, anemia, weakness, asthma, cough, cold, immune dysfunction, rhinitis, laryngitis, pollen allergy, decreased vision Etc.
Dr. Zhu is dedicated to working with you to find the most effective and nurturing path towards restoring your health and well-being.

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Welcome to our acupuncture clinic in Manhattan Chinatown NYC
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we are offering below 6 packages for one unique price of $70, paid by cash or credit card.   1. Auricular medical treatment: initial examination, follow up diagnosis and the final treatment.   2. Acupuncture therapy: acupressure for your cervical vertebrae and shoulder, combined with acupuncture and cupping therapy.   3. Upper back, middle back, and lower back acupuncture treatment, combined with acupressure and cupping therapy.   4. Hips, legs, and knees acupuncture treatment, combined with acupressure and cupping therapy.   5. Elbow joints, wrist joints, and knuckles acupuncture treatment, combined with acupressure and cupping therapy.   6. Knee, ankle, and toe joints acupuncture treatment, combined with acupressure and cupping therapy.


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