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550 Barry Street
NY 10474-6602

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Divine Moving & Storage warehouse- Full service NYC moving and storage company.

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Short term storage and long term storage is available for NYC movers, Daily and monthly storage space is available
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Cash, Check, Invoice, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
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Divine moving & storage used the best packing techniques to ensure that there were no incidents. Can't say enough about the team of young men, they were extremely professional, neat and clean, and clearly know what they were doing. I would recommend this company to anyone above any other moving company.
3/7/2021 3:32:53 PM Report

I am glad that I moved with Divine moving & storage. The foreman and his team helped me in moving and they were great. No doubt that Divine moving & storage has the best men. They are fast, hardworking and efficient. Plus, there were no hidden charges and that was surprising because they helped more than they were supposed to do. They are extremely humble and friendly. Certainly I would recommend this company.
2/18/2021 3:35:57 PM Report

I have used many moving companies in the past because I have to relocate a lot for my job. But after my recent move using Divine Moving & Storage, I have decided not to use any other movers but this company. They provided full service from the packing to setting up my furniture at the other end. These guys completed the move before the allotted time, did not damage anything and made sure we pay what was quoted initially. We had plenty of valuables and vulnerable stuff which needed to be handled with great efficiency. And the guys from Divine Moving & Storage made the transition with absolute ease. Well done folks. You are recommended.
2/7/2021 7:53:31 PM Report

My roommate and I have opposite work schedules, which made it a lot more difficult for us to be able to move all of our belongings at once, or to even help each other for that matter. We'd lost hope all together until a friend referred us to Divine moving & storage. Not only did they help us move all of our stuff in half the time, but their services were also affordable, and easy to fit into our busy lives. It made a gruesome process a whole lot less of a hassle. I will definitely keep them in mind for the future.
1/15/2021 5:58:57 AM Report

I was very keen to go back to my hometown after living alone for 4 years. The problem was that I had collected so many belongings over the years that I just had to hire a moving company. That’s where Divine moving & storage came in. They have such a good reputation that I just had to hire them. I have to give it to them, they really performed well. Their men arrived right on time and were very efficient. They worked diligently for hours packing up all my belongings properly. Then they loaded everything onto the vans. Honestly, I didn’t really have to do anything. If paying someone for this job makes my life so easy, I will always do it.
1/8/2021 7:51:19 AM Report

Before moving, I did a lot of research on which company would be the best for my move. I talked to many moving companies and they all pretty much quoted me the same price. But there was something about the woman on the phone for Divine moving & storage that I decided to hire them. They were absolutely awesome! They packed with military precision. They were out before anyone even knew it. I am so very grateful to them.
12/19/2020 5:08:45 AM Report

Trying to move a household with pets and kids is insanity, but this company managed to make it a sane experience. Can you imagine trying to move two dogs, five cats, and a ferret along with your belongings? I seriously thought I was going to pull my hair out, but then I decided I’d better get online and start looking for a company to help me. While I was responsible for my pets, I didn’t have to worry about all my belongings with Divine moving & storage. When I found this company and saw the reputation they had for being prompt and considerate about belongings, I decided I’d give them a go. I am so glad I did! Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
12/4/2020 3:23:51 AM Report

Our driver and foreman were wonderful. They were very thorough and easy to work with. I highly recommend Divine moving & storage. We have used them twice now and have been happy both times. They are on time or early, professional, efficient, knowledgeable and cost effective. This is a very well run company with good point people. Unfortunately I will be moving one last time in the next year or so and will not hesitate to call them again. You should do the same.
11/15/2020 7:00:16 AM Report

I called several moving companies. Some companies were too expensive and charged high for the small things. When talking to the representatives they did not thoroughly explain the pickup and delivery dates, which totally confused me. They did not return calls in a timely manner which made it difficult for me to plan my move. When I called Divine Moving & Storage they thoroughly explained what to expect and it made it easy for me to plan my move. The price was reasonable and the movers were friendly and professional. I would recommend Divine Moving & Storage to all of my friends and family.
11/8/2020 5:46:34 AM Report

Divine moving & storage is the most professional, efficient and cost-effective moving company I have ever used. The movers arrived on time, made introductions and reviewed how the process would work. Once they arrived at our new home, they unloaded and set up all of the furniture in the specified areas. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this moving company is. I highly recommend them!!
10/29/2020 6:31:50 AM Report

I will always use Divine moving & storage for moving within NY! I was moved so smoothly and carefully that the other moving companies looked like a joke compared to them. This moving company’s employees are very decent, polite and caring. Their moving team was efficient and very hardworking and they helped me move out very nicely. They packed and moved it all so well that nothing got damaged along the way. Their customer service was also a big help! I really enjoyed working with them. I will recommend them to all.
10/23/2020 6:13:05 AM Report

Divine moving & storage handled my last move like true professionals. This company helped me to reconstruct my faith in moving companies. They had a long distance to cover, across the country to be exact, but they seemed completely oblivious of it. The movers helped me to pack each and every one of my belonging in the most efficient way and they showed me how to work in a certain order so that I can take count of them for later inspection during delivery. They packed everything very carefully. And they made the delivery on time. Nothing was broken or damaged. I am so glad that I hired them and not some low level cheating company.
10/4/2020 5:14:02 AM Report

The Divine moving & storage customer service will make you want to hire them sooner. They ask the right questions to make you know that they want to understand your needs and offer their best. They are courteous and respectful too. It is said that you can see how serious a company is right for the way the customer service handled the clients. You can be sure that you will be dealing with one that has your interest at heart.
9/30/2020 6:19:46 AM Report

Divine moving & storage is hands down the best moving company that I have ever hired. The foreman and his team were beyond courteous and professional. They patiently listened to all our requests about treating certain items with extra care. I cannot recommend this amazing moving company enough. This company is simply the best. While I hope we don't move anytime soon but if we have to, then definitely we will be using them again.
9/24/2020 6:54:41 AM Report

After careful consideration I decided to use Divine moving & storage for my move. I found the movers extremely polite, friendly and helpful. Their honesty and integrity are a credit to the company. I have been recommending their services to friends and family and will continue doing so. Thanks to Divine moving & storage for a great move.
9/8/2020 6:22:20 AM Report

This company really wowed me. They showed up on time, went out of their way to create a “moving plan” that was specific to my family’s needs and they showed up prepared. What’s more, they did a wonderful job packing our things for us, stored our belongings for a few days (because our new home wouldn’t be ready quite in time) and they showed real flexibility when we actually had to extend the storage date by an additional few days. They were just wonderful from start to finish.
8/19/2020 7:43:31 AM Report

There are many movers to use but my choice is - Divine moving & storage because of their excellent service and great price. I used them more than once and experienced the best possible move. Their movers are trained, punctual, professional, efficient, fast and very committed. One of the movers actually became our family friend. I recommend Divine moving & storage because they give the best value of money. Use this company, you won’t regret it.
8/10/2020 7:56:25 AM Report

The guys were great! They were on time; they were friendly and made a point to introduce themselves when they first arrived. They worked hard and quick but they were also very careful not to damage any of the items being moved or the floors and walls. I wouldn't hesitate to use Divine moving & storage again nor recommend them to a friend.
7/29/2020 8:20:30 AM Report

Divine moving & storage was quite great during my move. The movers were efficient and the customer service was very friendly. I was mostly impressed by how punctual these guys were. They arrived on time and wasted no time to finish the job. They delivered everything in great condition and maintained the schedule as well. There were no extra costs added to the final bill. I have a lot of respect for Americans who are punctual since I'm originally from the UK. They really showed me what it means to be punctual.
7/19/2020 8:13:17 AM Report

A friend recommended Divine moving & storage to me and I wasn't so sure after reading the reviews but, in the end, she was right. They showed up on time and called just before their arrival. The guys were quiet and did the work as a team without any help from me. Everything went smoothly and they even moved my giant potted plants which weren’t something outlined in our original contract. Their prices were slightly higher but I will use them again. The whole move was super easy.
7/8/2020 8:20:53 AM Report

Although we had a couple of problems with our delivery because we were in such a tough location, I have to say that Divine moving & storage did a great job in the circumstances and I could tell they were doing everything they could to maintain their service to us. We got there in the end and they even increased our discount as an apology for the late delivery, which left a lasting good impression.
6/29/2020 4:04:47 AM Report

I never thought it would be such a smooth move to my new apartment. I was very excited about moving but was quite stressed. Divine moving & storage managed to work around my schedule and changed the start time a few times until everything worked out between the buildings and my schedule. They even called the building and sent insurance (my building is very strict). I was impressed. I didn't have to worry about anything and that's how it should be. Great service! I highly recommend.
6/19/2020 6:40:04 AM Report

I was not sure about Divine moving & storage in the beginning because there are other companies which are also good in pen and paper. But their sales rep did the trick. He gave me confidence, always willing to make us understand about the entire process, provided a very precise onsite estimate and did not quote a big amount. As promised, movers showed up at 8am and started packing the delicate stuff. They worked without a break, and utilized every inch of the van. Crew at the other end was equally good. My relocation was done before the allotted time; cost me just $20 more than the quoted amount and my belongings survived the journey really well. I guess there was nothing left to ask for.
6/8/2020 4:30:19 AM Report

Our packing and relocating experience was simple and also every little thing went as scheduled. I am extremely excited with their level of solution and with the price. The relocating coordinator from Divine moving & storage helped me with every step of the relocating procedure. Our relocating team collaborated smoothly and helped me through a demanding relocating experience. In the end we received everything in one piece and within the allotted time.
5/31/2020 4:28:52 AM Report

I'm super late writing this but I used these guys about two years ago to move my things. They were on time and kind and everyone working had a great attitude and work ethic. They delivered my entire belongings on time and nothing was damaged. I would definitely recommend them to friends and use them again.
5/18/2020 6:16:01 AM Report

They handled each and every step faultlessly. They sent at my old home some incredible workers to move my possessions. Their all staffs were informative. Being acknowledged with their support and information, I know now a lot of issue regarding moving procedure. My entire move was done without any hitch. We had some furniture that needed to go down through a narrow staircase after their packing. They loaded all items into truck and there was not a single notch that I found when they delivered. We will certainly hire Divine moving & storage again in future.
5/8/2020 4:28:18 AM Report

I would certainly reserve Medal of Honor once more. What impressed me one of the most was that they took such good treatment of our products due to the fact that we have many that are delicate. Not one product was damaged! It was additionally a pleasurable surprise how pleasant and also personable they were because that's not something I've experienced with various other moving companies! I must definitely recommend!
4/18/2020 4:17:28 AM Report

I was extremely impressed by the workers who came and moved me this past week. They were extremely hard workers and did a great job at protecting my things and making sure that it arrived in the same condition. There were no broken items found after I had unpacked everything. I promise to spread the word to everyone I know that it moving about them. They are worth your money and it’s not even that expensive.
4/8/2020 6:57:50 AM Report

Prior to that, I always used the services of Furniture Movers: moving-helpers[dot]com. But this time I decided to try Divine. I was very stressed to move within Manhattan but these movers were so competent and caring with all my belongings and assured a safe and fast delivery. They moved everything out of my apartment with such care but made my move much quicker than I anticipated. When we arrived at my new apartment, they went above and beyond arranging my new furniture in my room and making sure I was satisfied. I don’t know who to choose next time)
3/26/2020 7:01:03 AM Report

I booked Divine moving & storage and asked for a bigger van because I had a lot of clothes, personal stuff, and kitchen appliances, not to mention all the furniture. On the day, the movers came with sufficient packing materials with a big truck which relaxed me a lot. They packed and started to load the truck quickly, with the occasional small break until eventually everything was set. My stuff was delivered promptly without any damages or loss. They delivered all my belongings on the same day in the afternoon. They unpacked everything and put them in places. I will definitely hire them again.
3/23/2020 4:53:36 AM Report

I was just getting ready to place the order for the moving truck and get ready to start the long and painful moving process when my parents asked if I had tried any moving companies. I looked into a few and found Divine moving & storage. The pricing was reasonable and the fact that I was no longer liable for every material possession in my life made it invaluable. They definitely made life much easier for my girlfriend and I to move halfway across the country, and the car ride up with our cat and two dogs was as calm as I could have dreamed with not having to cram them into the cab of one of those small truck cabins!
3/8/2020 4:20:19 AM Report

Divine moving & storage assisted me relocate across nation eleventh hour. The client service was timely as well as receptive. I have made use of other moving company's in the past for far away steps and also it was not a great experience. I will certainly be making use of Divine moving & storage once more for any kind of future actions.
2/23/2020 6:41:08 AM Report

Before our recent relocation we did a little bit of research from a month prior and we shortlisted 3 companies, among which we chose Divine moving & storage because they were quicker to respond to us with a fairly reasonable quote. 3 young men were sent to help us with the move on the moving day. This crew was really helpful, they were really nice who went above and beyond than what I expected and I thought they did a great job.
2/3/2020 6:14:43 AM Report

Divine moving & storage were very efficient and didn't go over the time allocated. Not to mention their rate quotes are some of the best around. If I will need to move again in FL area, I hope my next move with Divine moving & storage will be less eventful but just as smooth. I would definitely use this company again in the future.
1/18/2020 5:26:55 AM Report

I hired Divine moving & storage in such a rush but they proved why they have such a good reputation. I didn’t have to move a finger, they did pretty much everything. My valuables were all neatly packed by the men and then they loaded everything. The whole thing was completed so quickly! I couldn’t be any happier when I received all my valuables intact. I really got lucky with this company. They are amazingly efficient and I will surely hire them again.
1/9/2020 7:54:22 AM Report

I've had terrible past experiences with moving companies (things damaged, broken, etc.) huge mess so I was worried about my move again. Communication was on point as they were on time and available to help me. Not only was everything handled in a respectful and professional manner but the price was in my budget. I called many moving companies and shopped around. I usually don't write reviews but I guess after having terrible experience and then doing business with Divine moving & storage. I would highly recommend it to anyone that's planning to move.
12/30/2019 6:46:43 AM Report

After my retirement it was time to move back home. My wife insisted that I hire a moving company and after much deliberation Divine moving & storage was hired. They gave me a very fair estimate and it seemed only fair that I hire them. I was totally impressed with the behavior of the movers. They gave me a very reasonable quote. The movers came on time and packed up my items very quickly and gently. The movers were just so friendly, professional and efficient. They delivered my items within one day. The delivery was made the same day and nothing went missing. One needs to hire them to understand how efficient and professional these movers are.
12/18/2019 2:13:04 AM Report

I was joining my husband who’s been living away. I had to bring all our belongings and so I hired Divine moving & storage to help with the move. They were just fantastic. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very prompt and effective. The crew arrived on time with all the right equipment. I was very happy to see how efficiently they worked. I had to delay the delivery for two days and they complied with my request. I think being able to deal with this kind of emergency situations makes this company so efficient and resourceful.
12/8/2019 1:11:54 AM Report

This is not the second time we had to look for a moving company at the last hour. We had previously set up or move with another company which told us the day before the move that they could not get us anymore. We immediately started to panic, so what we did was went online and try to find a few companies we thought were fit and had a history of doing good business and that’s where we found Divine moving & storage. They did not disappoint not in the slightest bit. The movers who came to warehouse were very courteous and very careful not to damage anything inside the home or leave a mess outside which we commend them for. Thank you for all your hard work and we are happy to pass your name along.
11/30/2019 7:09:44 AM Report

On more than one occasion, I have been forced to pay high fees regardless of the number of items I own, and worse, most of my porcelain pieces have been broken during the relocation process. I can vouch for Divine moving & storage any day. It's a daunting task finding reliable companies nowadays, and you have to take all the necessary precautions. My last move was the easiest and most cost effective simply because I hired these guys. They didn’t break or lose anything. Neither did they charge ridiculously. I’m glad I finally found an efficient company.
11/22/2019 5:14:44 AM Report

I was looking around online and decided to give Divine moving & storage a shot. The prices were extremely affordable. For my long distance move, it seemed almost like a bargain. It only took them about a few hours to get the packing-loading done. I was amazed at how affordable, fast, courteous and professional the movers were. I’d use them again without hesitation. I’d also recommend them to all of my friends and suggest you do the same.
11/8/2019 6:01:51 AM Report

The movers from Divine moving & storage were absolutely outstanding. Not only they are cheap but also they give you great value for your money. In fact, given how fast their movers work, I think I ended up saving some cash by the end of this move! Not one item suffered the slightest of damage while they moved them. The movers were on time during arrival and delivery. The men were very friendly throughout and they listened to every instruction I gave them. I really cannot praise this company enough.
10/30/2019 5:47:07 AM Report

I hired Divine moving & storage because their quote seemed the fairest to me among all the companies I talked to. The crew of four men arrived right on the clock and they were all very friendly. They had years of moving experience and it showed in the way they worked. Their packing skills are amazing and they took great care in packing every little thing. They finished packing and loading everything within shortly and left for my new place. The delivery was made the same day and nothing went missing. All out furniture was in great shape and I felt very relieved. These guys were very professional throughout the move and I really appreciate that.
10/18/2019 6:13:01 AM Report

What separates Divine moving & storage from the others is that these guys were more focused on pleasing me as a client than making profits. Their quote seemed reasonable and the customer service was helpful enough. The four movers arrived right on the clock. They were well equipped and they packed all my valuables very quickly. The loading process was completed really fast as well. They delivered everything on time and our valuables traveled very well. Our research did pay off since these guys performed excellently well. I will definitely hire them again.
10/9/2019 6:28:27 AM Report

From the moment my family acquired information regarding pricing to drop off we had experienced excellent customer service. All of the employees, even ones who we were not involved with, greeted us with a smile and asked if they could help. This made the stress of moving a lot more tolerable and removed some worries about the process. I highly recommend Divine moving & storage for your next move!
9/30/2019 6:20:46 AM Report

I would definitely recommend the Divine moving & storage. They gave me an estimate and a max price that they would not go over. After moving, it ended up being more than the max price, but they still stuck to the quoted max price. The crew was on time, fast, efficient, and very courteous.
9/18/2019 7:11:42 AM Report

Booking was easy and straightforward. Communication with the company was done by phone (which was nearly always answered immediately or returned in less than 10 minutes) and by email. Free shrink wrap, blankets, and tape and wardrobe boxes. While everything before move day was good, the best part was Jake and his crew, who showed up on time and worked hard. This couldn't be said for our last movers - you get what you pay for. The 3-man crew was respectful of our things and our homes. There weren't any problems and there wasn't any wasted time. We paid cash and got a discount for doing so.
9/8/2019 9:49:18 AM Report

I required the men to be fast as I had to move in just 2 days. Divine moving & storage men were not only fast, they were also very efficient. I hired them on a very reasonable hourly rate. The men arrived on time and were very properly equipped. They packed everything carefully with all the right packing materials. They worked very fast too. I was so happy to see how skilled and quick they were. All my belongings were delivered the next day. My belongings traveled excellently and I couldn’t be more pleased. This relocation was meant to be a nightmare but these guys really made it easy.
8/29/2019 6:51:29 AM Report

I recommend Divine moving & storage. They are so careful with you things. I have moved with them twice now and I have no complaints. They know the best way to handle your items, no matter how unique. Their crew really does an outstanding job. They are a great moving company and amazing guys.
8/15/2019 7:06:09 AM Report

It wasn’t a long way I was relocating to. I had to move because of my job and I quickly called Divine moving & storage to help me with the move. I have hired them before twice and they always have done an excellent job. I was very pleased to see that they have maintained their standard till date. They were very good at their job then and they are even better now. The company still charges very reasonable money but provides amazing moving experiences. The crew worked tirelessly in my apartment to pack up all my belongings. When they reached my new house, I received all my valuables in pristine condition and I really couldn’t have asked for more.
8/7/2019 7:14:26 AM Report

It took me by surprise. How could it have been so easy? What is it that this crew had that the previous ones done? How comes they took such a short time despite the properties being considerably many? I needed answers after the marvelous relocation they had just done to me. It sounds weird that I got to find more about them after the services and not before. It was at that time that I learnt that it was in their nature to make the client happy. It wasn’t me only; they had done it multiple times to several other clients. Now I understood the difference.
7/26/2019 3:38:53 AM Report

After being robbed and cheated by way too many moving companies, Divine moving & storage was a breath of fresh air. I hired them after a big recommendation from a close friend. He bet on them and I could certainly see why. These movers they sent were absolutely fantastic. They were good at every aspect. Starting from their packing skills to the way they carried everything- it was just a class act! They made sure my things were safe on route. The bill mirrored the quote and it made me too happy. I'm putting their number on favorites!
7/15/2019 5:59:11 AM Report

I was absolutely blown away by the way Divine moving & storage handled my last move. They gave me the lowest quote which they stuck to till the end. The movers showed up on time and they were very well organized. They packed all my things immaculately into boxes. My breakables received some extra attention from the movers. They used a lot of packing materials which resulted into a safe delivery of my valuables. Most of it was free so I had nothing to worry about. I have to give credits to Divine moving & storage for performing so well on such a low price.
7/5/2019 6:18:58 PM Report

My wife and I had to move for our daughter who has just welcomed her third child in 5 years. She suggested that we should hire Divine moving & storage. I called the company and they seemed very friendly. The movers showed up on time to pack up our belongings. They soon realized that we had too much stuff. But they systematically packed each and every item with great care and precision. I was impressed seeing how patient and efficient the movers were. It could have easily taken them all day but they were done in just a few hours. It was a mighty effort from the guys and I cannot thank them enough.
6/24/2019 7:05:56 AM Report

After working with so many different moving companies over the last 12 years, I finally found Divine moving & storage that handled a move perfectly. They quoted reasonably, movers showed up on time and everything went as smoothly as it could. All four movers were very experienced. They took such great care of all my things. It was comforting to know that my valuables were in good hands. They delivered everything on time, unpacked and put them where they belonged. I’m so glad to have found them and will stick to them from now on.
6/12/2019 6:31:30 AM Report

Okay, so I enjoy moving about as much as having a root canal, but the guys from Divine moving & storage made it so painless and quick, it was amazing! Not only did they move some of my furniture out of my old house and into a neighbor’s house, but even dropped off some unwanted items (big items) at Goodwill for me on the way to my new location, AND moved a bed and dresser to a downstairs unit - all while being super pleasant and totally professional. No need to look any further: these are the guys for YOUR job!!
6/9/2019 10:54:17 PM Report

Moving so far away from home makes me miss a lot of things. But, at least all the things I own and can’t live without arrived safe and sound here. I hired Divine moving & storage to help me with the move. They gave me a very reasonable quote. The men who showed up were very apt and skilled. I think their quickness saved a lot of time and money for me. They put all my belongings in storage as I needed to look for a place in the new city. Yesterday was the first date I gave them for delivering my things and they called me yesterday saying the vans are reaching my place soon. I am very satisfied seeing how the furniture traveled. I am a happy client with these fab movers.
5/22/2019 7:50:02 AM Report

The movers I hired from Divine moving & storage were not only very capable at their jobs, they were also very friendly. I think a level of trust is really important to be formed between the movers and the client. After all, a client entrusts the movers with all his precious belongings. I hired this company because I knew they had a very good reputation. The men they sent made me feel comfortable right away. I was very happy to have found three friends who took such good care at handling my valuables. I am very grateful to this company.
5/9/2019 9:55:50 PM Report

It was a move that was inevitable. After applying for jobs for the last 3 years, I finally got the call. The only condition was that I had to move within a day. So I hired Divine moving & storage to move all my stuffs. They gave me a very reasonable quote and I hired them for a prompt pick up and deliver. The four movers arrived right on schedule and started packing everything. They were very properly equipped. Otherwise, I would have no idea where my wife stored the tape or spare boxes. They were very efficient too. They finished packing and loading everything in just 3 hours. They worked for an extra 15 minutes cleaning up the scrap bubbles wraps but they didn’t charge me for that. All my things were delivered securely and unpacked in my new apartment. I am highly recommending this company.
5/7/2019 9:33:23 AM Report

I was referred to Divine moving & storage by a friend who gushed about them and after using them I completely agree! They were accommodating and their manager was so communicative and responsive when the initial move date/attempt fell through, and they bent over backwards to reschedule me for the next day/busiest day of the month. The guys were took care not to scratch the floors, walls, or furniture; helped me take measurements for furniture placement; and they were so strong and fast -- this one big guy (who didn't talk much but smiled even though sweating in 32 degree weather) carried up an extra-large suitcase full of textbooks! For them generous tips are well-deserved! I’ll say they are definitely one of the top 3 service companies used in America.
4/26/2019 8:28:16 AM Report

I have seen how moving companies who used to be really efficient and inexpensive in the past have now turned into ripping machines. Luckily, companies like Divine moving & storage still exist who charge reasonably and provide good services. My move with them went very smoothly. None of my furniture suffered any kind of damages on the way and the company maintained their timing to the T. Given how efficient they are, I suppose a price hike is inevitable in near future. If you are thinking of moving, book them ASAP to save some of your hard earned cash.
4/11/2019 4:42:04 AM Report

When I hired Divine moving & storage for my move, I didn't really have much idea about them. I hired them because one of my uncles had used them before. Their quote seemed very reasonable to me and it also made me worried about their skills. Because in most cases, companies who quote you low are really incompetent. Fortunately, these men were far from incompetency! They arrived right on time with their shiny vans and tip-top equipment. They packed up everything and loaded them onto their vans. I had to do nothing except for giving them an inventory. Their leader made me tick off each piece of inventory once they delivered everything.
4/1/2019 5:46:57 PM Report

I was quite worried during this move since I own just too much of junk. The movers from Divine moving & storage, however, seemed quite unmoved by the amount of work they had to do. They systematically packed everything and then loaded everything onto the vans. Both vans arrived together at the destination, which saved me a lot of hassle and a lot of money. The final bill was very reasonable. All of my belongings were safely delivered. I really am grateful to the movers.
3/30/2019 6:22:06 AM Report

I moved a studio between states on the east coast. Price was as Divine moving & storage said it would be and no hidden costs or misleading information had to be tolerated by us. They provided all the moving materials. They carefully wrapped all our items and everything arrived intact. They were on time for both pickup and delivery. They were very polite and professional. I was happy with the services these guys provided me.
3/12/2019 7:39:42 AM Report

I highly recommend these folks from Divine moving & storage for your next move. When I was shopping around for quotes, they were the most detailed in their reply (itemized EVERY little thing for billing and for what comes with their services), and they replied much quicker than I anticipated most businesses to be. They also did not charge for perceived "extras" like distance from the truck to the apartment, etc. Two strong looking men sent from the company were my movers yesterday, they were spot-on with everything. The leader called me 15 minutes before their arrival to confirm the appointment as well as letting me know that they were nearby. They were both very patient with the moving process, packed everything that was needed extremely well. My furniture and items arrived to the apartment intact, not a single scratch anywhere. Also, they made sure to navigate the elevator/hallway/my apartment carefully, not a single scratch or scuff anywhere! They were efficient with time and did not lag with the work. Give these guys a raise!
3/3/2019 3:08:04 AM Report

From the beginning, Divine moving & storage was very professional. After messaging them on their website, their manager reached out by phone quickly and with a very reasonable low rate with a 2 hour minimum. She walked me through all the details and the process, and we were able to find a working time for us with a week's notice. There were some follow up communications about insurance and to confirm the move date and time. I was given a range of 11am-4pm. On move in day, I was given a call 1 hour before saying that they would show up at 11:15am. So very timely! I had decided it was a good idea to party the night before instead of packing, so by the time they rolled around I had maybe packed like 4 boxes and my life was a disaster. Fortunately, the team helped pack everything I had. They took directions very well for what to pack and what to move and were very careful with everything. The move in process was also very efficient and fast. We finished very quickly and I thought it was quite reasonable in my opinion. Overall, we had a great moving experience with these movers!
2/21/2019 7:03:53 AM Report

For my last move all the way to my father’s home state, I hired Divine moving & storage and I wasn’t really expecting much from them given how far they had to travel. But they really surprised me. They were very rational with the price they asked for and sent over 3 men who were very strong. The men were very experienced at packing and carrying valuable stuffs. Even heavy couches or beds weren’t much of a problem for them. I really enjoyed watching these guys in their elements. None of my boxes went missing on delivery and I really couldn’t fault them at all.
2/7/2019 7:22:41 PM Report

Divine moving & storage blew me away when they handled my last move. We hired them after reading so many amazing reviews from other people. They seemed friendly and reliable when we called them. The real proof came during the move. The movers were all very experienced and they wasted absolutely no time. Their packing skills were amazing and they carried everything with ease. They were literally in and out of our house. We couldn’t believe how fast they finished the job. It must have saved us a fortune. The delivery was made on the scheduled date. All our valuables traveled excellently and we couldn’t be happier. I haven’t seen anyone being this professional in a long time.
2/3/2019 2:35:50 AM Report

I compared their service charge with a couple of other companies and realized that this company is very competitively priced. So I went with them. The team came in and did a great job of moving my household goods. They had ample boxes, tapes, trolleys, ropes and anything else one may need for a move. A few small things were broken but that’s really nothing major compared to what other what other movers damaged in the past. I was very happy with their service. I have never seen more organized movers in my life.
1/29/2019 4:20:36 AM Report

I lived in a 4th floor walkup apartment that could have thrown off the movers sent from Divine moving & storage. But they had no issues with the stairs. They arrived on time which is always nice. Their packing skills were great too. They carried my furniture down 4 sets of stairs way too easily. They delivered everything in great condition all the way to my new place- luckily there were no stairs this time. Only experience makes a company provide such effortless services and the movers from this company had years of experience.
1/17/2019 7:37:26 AM Report

I was getting ready to move into another state for a better life. But moving is stressful and it is not possible to buy everything again. I searched for an experienced moving company and I found Divine moving & storage. The movers arrived on time and took care with all our items and asked us if they had any questions. The men were polite and efficient. They gave me a detailed list so I could check off how many items I had which gave me a good idea of the weight. They were so much proficient. I would like to recommend them.
1/12/2019 3:56:08 AM Report

When we moved, our main concern was how our stuffs will travel this long way- we take a lot of pride in our furniture collection. Divine moving & storage said, no worries, we are long-distance experts! Experts they were! They showed such aptness in their work, I was mesmerized. Their quote was cheap, that's a surprise for the distance they had to cover. The good thing is they agreed to transport all my stuffs such a long way and deliver everything intact.
11/26/2018 7:15:18 PM Report

Every move comes with a set of obstacles. If your moving company can handle those issues, then you have a winner on your hands. For me, the winner was Divine moving & storage. I hired them to transport my belongings across the country. It certainly was a long distance to cover and I had to completely rely on the expertise of my movers. They performed amazingly though. They arrived on day 01 to pack up everything. It took them such a short time to neatly pack all my belongings. The next day they arrived early to load everything onto the van. After 7 days the delivery was made. Amazingly, all my breakables survived the journey. It was a clinical performance by the movers.
11/15/2018 6:50:11 AM Report

I don’t think any other moving company provides better value for money than Divine moving & storage. They sent over four men, two vans and seemingly endless supply of free packing materials! In most moving companies these things will cost you separately resulting into an expensive bill. But this company really helps the customers keeping the cost down by offering many different packages at super affordable prices. My movers were fantastic- finished the pickup in no time. The whole move was completed in a very systematic way. There was never an issue that I can complain about. Overall, I’m extremely impressed with their performance and will definitely hire them again.
11/6/2018 11:29:38 PM Report

Divine moving & storage made our move very easy, given how swift and efficient they were. I saw boxes being carried out in 10 minutes. The whole pack and load process was done so quickly. They packed everything very thoroughly so my valuables can survive the journey. They delivered my valuables in great condition the next day. I am just speechless by how good these movers really were.
10/25/2018 8:43:48 AM Report

Recently I used a moving company found on internet. The site of Divine moving & storage seemed awesome and quite professional. So I contacted with them and booked them. They offered me a reasonable quote. On the moving day, the movers came just on time and without any confusion they started to work as they knew us before. They were really active and efficient. They swiftly disassembled the big dining table and packed it tightly with the rest of the stuff. No detail was left spared by these guys. They delivered everything on time without any damage.
10/13/2018 6:49:02 PM Report

Divine moving & storage moved our belongings seamlessly a few months back and I give the whole credit to the movers. I didn’t even have to give any instructions to them. They knew exactly how to do the job and they did it perfectly. Not even a glass was broken on the way. They even unpacked everything and put them in the right rooms. I cannot praise these guys enough. People need to hire them and see amazingness unfold in front of their own eyes.
10/10/2018 10:02:28 PM Report

This moving company moves you so well! They do a great job with the packing and moving. They pack everything for you with patience and kindness. They move all your furniture extremely carefully and they do not damage a single thing. Another thing which is great about them is their price match guarantee. You will not need to worry that you will be fooled or charged extra. You will be paying the exact amount you were quoted. This is the best moving company out there. I highly recommend Divine moving & storage to all.
9/15/2018 2:39:58 AM Report

The best thing about Divine moving & storage is that they go above and beyond to help you no matter how late it is. Excellent communication! Also their rates are low and they have price match guarantee. I had a good experience with this moving company recently when they were helping me with my long distance move. The moving people were efficient, professional and very talented. They moved all my household items with care and did not damage anything at all. There were no damages upon delivery and the price did not change! They are very good I must say!
9/5/2018 4:07:25 AM Report

I had a brilliant move with this moving company! They are one of the best without any doubt! They have very low prices but that does not affect the quality. They move your belongings with a lot of care and focus. I hired them last month for my long distance move and it was bloody fantastic. The moving men came on time on the day of the move and moved my belonging so well. They took care of the furniture, the electronic devices, the washing machine, kitchenware and the other household items. Nothing was damaged upon delivery too! It was just great! I highly recommend Divine moving & storage to all.
8/28/2018 3:10:32 AM Report

No more worries you guys! Long distance move is not a big deal anymore! All you have to do is give divine moving & storage a call! They are just excellent! They have the best rates in town and they do not change it in the end! Their moving team is very experienced and professional and they move your belongings with super care! I moved with them recently and they did not damage a single thing! THERE WERE NO DAMAGES AT ALL! I could not be happier! I highly recommend this moving company to all!
8/24/2018 11:12:55 PM Report

I hired Divine moving & storage for the 2nd time and this move was also perfect! My first move was perfect and that’s I hired them again. This time too, they impressed me even more. This was a different crew who came to help me, but they were also very efficient, caring and professional. They moved all my breakables, expensive items, household items and everything I own with great care. There were no damages in end too! 2nd time also perfect! I really don’t have anything bad to say about them because they never gave me that chance. All I know is that this is an excellent moving company and everyone should try them!
8/7/2018 6:27:57 AM Report

This moving company moved me flawlessly last month! They moved me so well that I could not find a single scratch or dent! They moved me in record time and they really took good care of the old furniture which I have. Basically those are antiques and something I like to collect. Anyways, the move was great! The guys were perfect! Not a single issue anywhere! Also their price was very low compared to the others and it did not change in the end. I really had a smooth move with Divine moving & storage. I will use them again!
7/30/2018 7:00:22 PM Report

My wife and I are very pleased! We cannot say enough good things about Divine moving & storage! They are professional, efficient, caring and hardworking. They moved us cross country last month and did not make a single mistake! We were moved quickly, smoothly and without any kinds of damages. We are very grateful! Also they have the best deals in town! Very low and reasonable! A good thing about them is that they keep their word. The price that they quoted us did not change! They are a very good moving company. We strongly recommend them to all.
7/14/2018 4:40:09 PM Report

I talked with many moving companies and everyone asked for a very high price. Divine moving & storage was the one who asked for a reasonable price. I went with them because of their price and also they have good reviews. On the day of the move, a foreman and his 3 helpers packed and moved my things nicely. They were very careful with the fragile items and glassware. Everything was nicely moved and there were no damages in the end. One thing I really liked about them is their commitment! They said the price will not change and it didn’t! I really had a good move. I highly recommend them to all.
7/12/2018 2:52:35 AM Report

I will recommend Divine moving & storage to all because they give you a very good service and they do not charge much. They have very talented and professional crew. They move you without any hassle and without any damages. They have moved me last month and they did a good job. All my fragile items and valuables were nicely protected and no damages came to my furniture. They are very experienced and skilled. And they also kept their word by not changing the price in the end. They have my recommendation!
6/26/2018 7:02:08 PM Report

I had the best move of my life! Divine moving & storage moved me so awesomely! The moving team did a superb job. They were friendly, caring and very professional. They did not mess around or wasted any time. They very quickly moved me out and moved me in. They helped to unload and unpack too. They placed all the furniture where I wanted and stayed until I checked everything. I saw that there were no damages at all and there were no dents. I was very pleased and happy. I will recommend you to all.
6/23/2018 10:46:03 PM Report

I believe that divine moving & storage is very good and you should definitely hire them. They are the best for long distance moves. They are cheap and they will get the job done within the given time. My husband and I hired them for our move and they were great. The packing was done right, the carrying and moving was done professionally and they moved everything without any damages. It was just great! One more thing I would like to add is that we did not have trouble with the bill. We paid exactly what we were quoted in the beginning!
6/13/2018 7:07:04 AM Report

I didn’t have a lot of belongings to move out of my apartment. But I was quite concerned about a few pieces of assembled furniture. I know how much they cost in a new city so I would have rather brought them along with me. That’s where Divine moving & storage came in. They gave me a really good quote. I gave a timeframe for arrival between 2-7 pm but the guys arrived sharp at 2. I wasn’t quite ready and they didn’t start the clock till 2:30 pm. I was very grateful for this gesture of goodwill. The couch bed I was worried about got stuck at my front door. But the crew kept trying in different ways and they finally got it out. I am writing this review sitting on that couch.
3/27/2018 3:51:13 AM Report

The whole team of Divine moving & storage was nice to all of us, thumbs up! Their manager was fast and responsive on booking the move which was nice since some of the places I called still haven't called me back. On the move itself, when the crew of 3 men came to our place, surprise! The elevators were out that day unfortunately but they had no issue using the stairs. The move was so fast even with the stair change, that the final price was still very reasonable! They are nice, strong guys and I'd use this fantastic moving company again in a heartbeat.
3/15/2018 2:32:16 AM Report

The lesson I learned in the past is not to hire movers off craigslist. I hired Divine moving & storage for the reputation they have. They did an amazing job while moving my valuables. The movers arrived early and packed up everything very quickly. They were extra careful with the breakables. They took inventory thoroughly and matched the list when they delivered my goods. I cannot emphasize enough on just how good these movers really were. Hire them and see it for yourself.
3/3/2018 10:08:41 PM Report

I hired Divine moving & storage in such a rush but they proved why they have such a good reputation. I didn’t have to move a finger, they did pretty much everything. My belongings were all neatly packed by the men and then they loaded everything. The whole thing took just 2 hours! I couldn’t be any happier when I received all my belongings intact. I really got lucky with this company. They are amazingly efficient and I will surely hire them again.
2/25/2018 4:00:43 AM Report

After moving last year, it was time again for me to move. For both moves I have used the services of divine moving & storage. Their men are just awesome. Not only are they physically fit, but they are also very efficient and adaptable. Maneuvering big pieces of furniture through the narrow hallways can be tricky but the men did it with ease. I was quite anxious since the hourly rate was quite high but in the end, the men worked so efficiently that I think I saved some dollars. Both my moves went very much with ease. I give them 5 stars without any hesitation.
2/14/2018 1:05:12 AM Report

I didn’t have a lot of things to move. What I had was one hell of a tiny apartment with a tinier staircase. I didn’t know how it was possible to get my things out through that hole of a door. So I hired divine moving & storage which promised to get my furniture in one piece out my apartment. And they did, I can never figure out how they managed to do it though. They are nothing short of magicians. They did all that without causing any damage to my things. Unbelievable!
2/12/2018 1:32:55 AM Report

Mistakes are bound to happen when you are moving across the country with all your belongings. However, if the people in question are the movers from Divine moving & storage - there is no room for mistakes. The movers showed up at my place right on the time they promised. They wasted no time while packing and loading my belongings. Everything went just so smoothly. They delivered right on time as well and all my valuables traveled excellently. Not one single thing was even slightly damaged. These guys are just machines!
1/25/2018 6:04:12 AM Report

The movers I had worked with in my last move were so lazy. But the movers from Divine moving & storage worked hard to earn my respect. They arrived on time and took care with all our items. They made the delivery on time and my every single piece was arrived in a perfect shape. These men were always on top of what’s happening and they always had an answer for me when I called them while my items were en-route. Though they were cheap, this move worth every penny. Whoever uses them will never be disappointed.
1/17/2018 3:56:51 AM Report

It is so hard to find competent moving companies these days as most of them are just a bunch of thugs who think who can lift anything. But this business is way more than that! I hired Divine moving & storage for my move after going through their reviews online. The reason was simple. They were professional and their men were very well trained for this job. They gave me no hassles and the job was done so smoothly.
1/7/2018 11:04:20 PM Report

I just want you to know if you’re considering a move with a fair amount of distance the folks at Divine moving & storage are "great". And here is why: I moved my shipping date forward from what I originally scheduled, not a problem. I asked they pack my wife's good glass/dishes, no issue. Best of all the moving van went to another address where I had items stored, packed and loaded them onto the truck at no additional cost. Within 3 days the truck arrived, furnishings were set up and the wife was happy. If you are talking about "painless" and at a reasonable price this is the group.
12/28/2017 3:00:54 AM Report

I thought I couldn’t move because I was afraid of works. It seems almost impossible that a moving company would transport a lifetime of my hoarded belongings and there would be no casualties. But that is exactly happened when I gave the job to divine moving & storage. The movers from the company worked very hard to earn my respect. Thanks to these movers for making the move so smooth.
12/16/2017 6:35:25 PM Report

From booking to completion of my move I have found Divine moving & storage very professional. My household items were delivered in the time. And my goods came in perfect condition. The complete process was great. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new house and reassembled all items. I would consider that a great accomplishment. Every person that I dealt with was very efficient.
12/13/2017 6:28:30 AM Report

Divine moving & storage is hands down the best moving company in America. We found out we had to move in 2 weeks’ time due to work and the company has made this process painless! We received a world class service from them. The customer service manager went above and beyond our expectations. He made sure every step of the way was worry-free for us and we can't thank him enough. He even followed up with us a few days after our move to make sure everything was ok, something we didn’t expect at all. Their company is lucky to have such a courteous and selfless person. We would highly recommend them to our friends and family. Thanks again to them for providing such excellent service and making our move easy!
11/26/2017 7:16:31 AM Report

We had moved to our new apartment a month ago. We hired Divine moving & storage to conduct the move. After I hired them, I changed my moving date to a week later. I thought they would throw in a huge extra in the bill but they happily complied and changed the date without charging me a dime for it. I was quite happy with the fact that they are extremely adaptable with client's choice. The actual move went very well. The movers were fast, careful and efficient. All my items were dropped off intact. Their administration was simply great and the movers were organized- great reasons why you should hire them.
11/15/2017 6:48:35 AM Report

I found the manager at divine moving & storage to be sincere and honest from the very beginning. My belongings were picked up and delivered on time with no problem. Though I was nervous, as I heard some horror moving stories but in my move, everything went according to the plan. Their office returned all my calls promptly and updated me throughout the move. The movers were strong, efficient and experienced. They wasted no time while they were working. This move was quite affordable as well. I highly recommend this company.
11/7/2017 6:48:31 AM Report

I have never written a review before. I always thought they were false. But after the way Divine moving & storage handled my last move, I figured it would be unjust if I didn’t leave them a good recommendation. They may be comparatively new in the business but their men have gone through serious training and some of them have been working for other top moving companies. They arrived right on schedule, their packing was a work of art and no glitches took place while loading my belongings onto their vans. Even their vans are brand new. So, chances of your things to get damaged on the way are slightly less. I think these guys will very soon become one of the top movers in America. You better hire them now before they have prices to match with the top dogs.
10/2/2017 4:40:53 AM Report

I was doing a long distance move and I was having a hard time organizing how I would be moving. Never used a professional moving service but I heard about this one and were very impressed. They were prompt, courteous, and used professional tactics when handling my items. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to move. Their prices are very affordable and it’s well worth the service they provide. Divine moving & storage gets my vote!
9/13/2017 4:45:36 AM Report

The best company I have ever worked with. I talked to some of my colleagues at work and one of them recommended divine moving & storage to me saying they were not expensive but competitive and great with their price and service, so I decided to try them out. My team of workers did a great job and packed everything carefully. They had all the necessary equipment, they arrived on time and they were so polite, kind and friendly. They were very smooth and at the end gave us a perfect moving experience. I loved them!
8/29/2017 4:59:20 AM Report

We had already sold our house and needed to move really fast. No company was able to move us in less than two weeks and then I found Divine moving & storage. One of the sales representatives is my mom’s acquaintance and he helped us with everything. We were moved very quickly and for a reasonable price. It was absolutely great! They get my highest recommendation on helping us out whereas no one else would.
8/16/2017 11:12:16 PM Report

I never thought that I would be able to move without any damage or issues and within my budget. It was made possible by Divine moving & storage. David scheduled my move, gave me a good deal and completed the paper work in no time. He assigned his best crew. They showed up 10 minutes early and immediately started packing the entire house. They came with all necessary packing materials and equipment. I had plenty of delicate and fragile items which needed to be handled precisely and they did that. Everything was nicely wrapped and boxed, furniture was padded properly and the loading was done with precision. They managed to make the delivery on time at the other end and also handed over everything in one piece and without any damage whatsoever.
8/7/2017 12:53:17 AM Report

Divine moving & storage happened to be the first company that called me after I looked for quotes online and I’m really glad they did. They did a really great job with my move. They did the full packing and loading and everything that comes with a full service move. Definitely easier than getting any other company or by doing it myself. And also they had the best rates. Love them!
7/25/2017 5:48:56 AM Report

I can't say enough on how pleased I am to have chosen divine moving & storage for my past move. They were very professional, very quick, very affordable, and very polite. I am definitely going to refer them to all my business contacts. Their sales team answered to all my questions and they did a great job! No damages, no hidden fees and the price were right! Very happy overall!
6/26/2017 6:14:20 AM Report

Apart from a box of broken glass I received all other belongings in pristine condition. Divine moving & storage was my moving partner. David, the sales guy assigned a very efficient crew but before that he sent a guy to my house for the onsite estimate which was very precise and detailed. I have been offered a good deal and I grabbed the deal. The moving team showed up on time and started packing my valuables. They carefully wrapped and boxed everything, padded the furniture nicely but were little messy during the loading which caused a box to suffer. However, they made the delivery on time and also paid me the demurrage for the broken glasses. I do appreciate the way they completed the entire task.
6/14/2017 10:06:30 PM Report

When my father heard that I am moving to my new home that is quite far away from my current residence, he recommended Divine moving & storage for the job as he recently saw them doing an amazing job with one of his neighbors. So I took his advice and gave them a call. The person who received the call explained me in details how they are going to it. It was really thorough and I must say the men who came to move everything got the job done just the way she explained. I must say, it was a great recommendation from my father.
5/26/2017 5:48:14 PM Report

It has been a great journey with Divine moving & storage. They made my move such an easy one. Communication was perfect. The moving crew brought all the supplies and finished the work in time. The delivery was made on schedule and they were kind enough to do everything I asked. One specific thing which I really liked is that, I was running late and they patiently waited an hour for me. I was embarrassed but there wasn’t anything I could do. They did not show an inch of discomfort. I’m glad I chose this mover for my long distance move because it was worth every penny.
5/14/2017 8:27:46 PM Report

There is no doubt that after 6 moves, I would most definitely use Divine moving & storage again. Everyone I had interaction with was helpful, accommodating and very hospitable. Their level of involvement in the process to the way they behave with us was simply delightful. Thanks to this absolutely fantastic company and its team for making my move a success, you guys are a great team.
3/22/2017 2:13:26 AM Report

If Divine moving & storage wasn’t a reliable company, I wouldn’t keep hiring them for three straight moves. These guys have outperformed themselves each time they helped me move. It does help even further when they charge me such low prices for the amazing movers they keep sending. Each crew I have worked with has amazed me with their skills and efficiency. To be honest, I was never convinced to write a good review about a moving company, but this amazing company gets all my love from the bottom of my heart.
3/4/2017 2:37:53 AM Report

Before I booked, I was worried about movers damaging my old home or new home during the move. As soon as Divine moving & storage arrived, all my worries went away. These guys were super careful moving all my furniture, big and small. They worked so efficiently that my 2-bedroom apartment was packed and empty very swiftly. I think the movers get tired as the day progresses and become slow. It really saves you to book the earliest appointment if you want to save some money. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing that service. You will not regret it.
2/25/2017 7:30:18 AM Report

Divine moving & storage made sure that I had absolutely nothing to worry about during my last move. It was so easy getting a quote from them in the first place. On top of that, the customer service was very prompt and friendly. The movers were just too good. They showed up on time with all the proper tools. They immaculately packed everything. Then the loading process went very smoothly as well. Even they delivered everything on time. I never imagined relocating could be this easy, but they changed my mind!
2/13/2017 4:03:22 AM Report

I hired divine moving & storage to move my old small house. I already relocated my house once more. So I had a little bit experience of working with these types of moving companies. This company was just different from them. They were really good at their work. They finished their moving before time. I will rate them nine out of ten. The movers were time efficient and hard working too. I was impressed with their service.
1/26/2017 1:13:08 AM Report

What a good job! I must say that Divine moving & storage is clearly one of the best movers in town. They were so accurate, punctual and efficient. Booking them was very easy and they provide a reasonable quotation. On the moving day, a foreman and 3 helpers arrived and started to work. Within a few hours all my belongings were loaded on to their truck. I was busy and I did not get the chance to take a look at what they were doing. But at the end, everything was there. No damages at all. This is what I wanted! No mistakes.
1/13/2017 4:15:04 AM Report

They did a brilliant job with my move. They handled my move professionally and also with great care. It was not a complicated move, but they executed it well. All my belongings were delivered on time and without any damages. The pricing remained the same. And I enjoyed working with the crew. The same crew was on both sides. They are efficient, hardworking and very friendly. I loved them and I’m sure you will love them too. I highly recommend divine moving & storage.
12/31/2016 6:43:08 AM Report

Their foreman and his team of 2 other helpers helped me move from NY to CT. They were pleasant and helpful in assisting in packing and making the ugly process of moving as easy as possible. I have EXTREMELY heavy pieces of furniture; they never complained about and even at the end of everything helped unpack all the many wardrobe boxes of clothes before leaving!! But they couldn’t keep the final cost within the estimate, it was $20 more… lol.
5/19/2015 9:44:48 PM Report

I unfortunately got a transfer letter from my New York, NY office and needed to move into a new property at Concord, NH within a week, therefore I had to hire a reliable mover for my short notice move and I was very lucky to found divine moving & storage. They were extremely helpful, punctual and transparent with their service. My delivery was within the schedule time and all items were in perfect condition and treated with the utmost respect! Divine moving & storage exceeded all expectations and I would recommend them to everyone.
5/16/2015 4:02:43 AM Report

I have used divine moving & storage several times in the last few years also many other moving companies including some of the biggest and best-known but divine moving & storage is simply the best. The service is unbeatable and the cost is always competitive. Most notable is their attention to detail and flexibility. These guys are among the most honest business people I've come across anywhere. My last move with them was a complicated pickup in a difficult condition. When we have booked them the weather forecast was ok for the day but on the day in was heavily snowing and we thought they might cancel the schedule, but they surprisingly arrived on time and complete the move with full dedication. I really salute their commitment to the job. I have and would recommend them to anyone for jobs both big and small.
3/20/2015 2:16:16 PM Report

I am regularly using divine moving & storage to transport my goods to my clients. They are yet to let me down. They charge less than other movers and provide better service as well. I am very happy with the way things are going. I would like to suggest everyone to consider this company.
3/6/2015 4:58:03 PM Report

The guys did an extraordinary job with our move. It was middle of year and temperature was extremely hot (sorry I am late to review them). The skilled movers tirelessly kept working in that disaster. I am glad I made the right choice with Divine moving & storage. The other companies, whom I knocked, offered me more than double price. The guys didn’t come just to rip off. Their office sent many emails to help remind us. Actually, I can’t finish telling you how pleased we have been with our mover. If you need a reliable company, don’t hesitate to go to Divine moving & storage.
2/18/2015 9:46:16 PM Report

I just wanted to let you know that divine moving & storage and their team were terrific! I want to make sure that they all get credit for doing such a wonderful job. I’m going to recommend your moving services in future. They made my life so much easier. And thank you, as well. You all came to my rescue on such short notice and boy the way your movers packed and loaded my stuff was something incredible! I am also grateful for the very affordable price, quick completion and error free service.
2/7/2015 6:50:44 PM Report

We were extremely pleased with the service we received from Divine moving & storage. The three guys really hustled and worked hard to move us and all the while kept a polite and professional attitude. Nothing was broken or damaged and they packed the truck wisely and efficiently. We were referred by our friend and I would like to pass it forward. Thanks guys, you were great!
1/30/2015 7:42:53 PM Report

Didn’t face any problems with Divine moving & storage! From the start to finish everything was smooth as it could be. They were on time, efficient and well trained. They did everything I asked and without any bumps or scratches. I cannot ask for more. I am really happy with their work and shall recommend them to all.
1/13/2015 9:54:56 PM Report

I came to know about this company by a friend. My friend gave me their number and I called and spoke with their sales rep at Divine moving. He offered me a very good price and also accommodated my move within their busy schedule. Paper work was done in no time and I have been informed about the entire process. Everything was looking great and in reality they did better than what it looked like. The team of 4 men arrived on time with all necessary tools and packing materials and packed the whole house and loaded in under 5 hours! They moved all my belongings safely to Concord, NH and made sure they beat the deadline. After checking the inventory, I just could tip the movers. I want to thank everyone associated with my move and I promise, from now I will be using only Divine moving.
12/26/2014 10:29:07 PM Report

I have just moved to CT with my family. Still getting used to with the new environment. But I must thank these movers because they made my job easy by providing excellent service during our relocation. These guys are trained, well experienced, highly skilled professionals. They knew what needed to be done, how to save our time and money, how to protect the valuables and how to pack and move with so many stuffs within a very short notice. Being honest, we did not even lift our little fingers. These guys showed up on time with all necessary tools and packing materials, did the packing of the whole house, loaded everything and started for CT. Delivery was made within the schedule and everything was handed over in great condition. I guess, we had nothing left to ask for.
10/30/2014 8:14:40 PM Report

It was a very pleasing experience with divine moving & storage. We have just moved to Buffalo, NY from Virginia Beach, VA and used divine moving & storage because of my friend’s recommendation. They showed up on time both for the pickup and delivery, packed and moved our stuffs without any damage and completed within the deadline. This company was very fairly priced and kept all the commitments. I have no hesitation to recommend divine moving.
10/27/2014 3:57:00 PM Report

I am very happy with the way things have gone this time. Last time when I moved to MI with another mover I went through every possible hassle and this time I got the opposite service from divine moving & storage. They were very moderately priced, punctual, friendly, kind with my pets, skilled and experienced. These guys applied their skills and experience to the best use and made sure I get a very neat, smooth and stress free move within my budget and within the deadline. I am glad that I decided on divine moving & storage.
10/26/2014 9:10:36 PM Report

We appreciate your speed and efficiency especially in this move. You guys worked in an amazing way to make sure that we got to our destination at record time. Besides, I must also commend the level of professionalism and expertise you demonstrated in the packing and moving of my stuff. Every of the stuff got to our destination on time and safe. We will definitely use your moving company again and again when next when want to move in the future.
10/23/2014 12:09:59 AM Report

Divine moving & storage proved that there are some good companies left to serve everyone. My last moving experience still haunts me. So, this time I was very careful hiring any movers. That is why I choose divine moving because they have a very good online reputation. I made the right choice for sure. They managed my move from CT to PA effortlessly, without a hitch, absorbed all the stress and presented me a picture perfect move within the estimated amount and without any damage!!
10/17/2014 7:45:35 AM Report

This is a very reliable company. I used them recently while moving to Maine from Connecticut. They were very fairly priced and scheduled my move perfectly accommodating all my requirements. Movers arrived on time at the move day and did really well to deal with the delicate and fragile stuffs, did not complain to use the narrow stairways and managed to complete the move without any major issues. The final price was within just $15 of the quoted amount. I am very happy to receive all my valuables in one piece.
10/15/2014 7:17:03 AM Report

I have no doubts that divine moving & storage is one of the best moving companies of NY. Recently I took their service and I was amazed. These guys moved me from Bronx to Buffalo without even a single mistake. They completed the move before the allotted time, charged within the quoted amount, did not break or damage any of my stuffs. The sales rep was very responsive and attentive, foreman and his men were hard working and result oriented and the manager was very helpful all the way. I am more than just happy the way I was treated.
10/10/2014 9:31:32 AM Report

Thanks a bunch to divine moving & storage for moving my family to our new home. The moving team worked very hard and for so long! I had to ask them to stop and take a drink of water! I honestly couldn't believe how quickly they moved while still being so precise and careful the whole way through. Thanks guys!
9/29/2014 11:08:31 AM Report

I never thought I would be writing a review someday but this is happening only because of the excellent service and great price of divine moving & storage. I have moved to Edison, NJ from Bronx, NY with divine moving & storage. These movers were absolutely pleasures to work with. Their sales guy offered the best price and scheduled and organized the move according to my preferences and the foreman and his men did everything right. They wrapped and boxed all my delicate and fragile items nicely, used plenty of tapes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, padded the furniture nicely and double checked everything before the loading. I received everything in great condition and the moving time was less than what I thought. Overall, it was a performance to remember and I am obviously recommendingdivine moving.
9/25/2014 9:20:05 AM Report

They moved us to Philadelphia, PA from Buffalo, NY couple of days ago. They were so organized and skilled that we never had an issue with them. The sales guy offered the best possible deal and the foreman and his team did the rest. Everything was nicely taken care of. All the boxes were moved with precession and the furniture remained unharmed till they reached to PA. There were plenty of delicate stuffs and few fragile pieces of wooden furniture, as I said before nothing was damaged and most importantly they did not make us wait for the stuffs. It was a great experience moving with divine moving & storage. I recommend.
9/19/2014 10:46:32 AM Report

Three guys came over from divine moving & storage on Saturday morning. As soon as they arrived, they started packing and wrapping everything up. They were very friendly and polite. They did not mess around or take any breaks. They finished it all up in 4 hours. I didn’t have any trouble with them. So, yes I definitely would like to use them again.
9/15/2014 6:14:12 AM Report

Let me send my gratitude to divine moving & storage movers for their full of support to move us from New Hampshire to Vermont. I hope they will achieve huge number of clients with their honesty and, dedication to work and punctuality. The folks gave attention to our details and showed respect to the belongings. They cannot be bonded as specialist in a single job rather they simultaneously expert every part of moving. Though I hired many movers in the last ten years, but divine moving & storage crews’ quality and hard working manner makes them different from the other companies’ staff.
9/11/2014 8:13:08 AM Report

Hiring divine moving & storage was definitely smart choice. The sales guy at the office made sure that I was aware of all of my options before agreeing to anything. The entire team is polite, professional, and an all-around a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend divine moving to anyone for the professionalism as well as the care given to the items my mother had to move... Thank you so much for a wonderful move!
9/6/2014 4:40:27 AM Report

Divine moving & storage moved my pool table and piano from my house to their storage facility. Actually I will be moving to an apartment next month and I that is why I need to keep those stuffs in their storage because the apartment is not that big. I called them and talked with the moving advisor. The paper work was done in no time and the moving advisor assigned the best team for the job. The project manager and his men did a great job of moving the piano and the pool table, not a single scratch or dent. I am planning to keep these things for about 6 months in their storage. I am sure these guys would serve me the best when I will bring by things back to me.
8/29/2014 7:13:37 AM Report

We have just moved to Maryland from New York and the move went smooth as silk. Thanks to the entire moving team of divine moving & storage for the awesome service and great service. After filling out few online forms, I was flooded with calls from many moving companies but it was divine movingwhich offered the best deal and seemed to be the most organized company. So, I booked my move with them. They showed up on time at the move day. Did the packing with care and then loaded everything on the truck. It was good to see them utilizing every possible inch of the available space. However, the driver kept me informing about his position until he reached the destination. The delivery was made within the schedule and without any mishaps. They also helped us unpacking and setting up the delicate items. Thank you so much guys.
8/27/2014 10:26:04 PM Report

My family was about moving for the very first time and wife did not have time to help out because she is busy with work and our baby is still small. I wanted good movers to help us in moving over to our new apartment. I had to resort to my mom since she has had some experiences with movers in the past and she recommended these movers. Now I am grateful to my mom for the recommendation. My wife did not have to do anything. The movers even helped in setting up the baby room to make the baby more comfortable.
8/23/2014 9:48:12 AM Report

My wife and I spent many hours researching for a good mover and we decided ondivine moving & storage because of the great reviews about this company and because of the price they asked for. After talking with their sales rep, we got confidence and we liked the way he explained the entire moving process. I am sure that the best moving team was assigned to move us. They have showed their excellence in packing, loading, moving and unloading. We are really happy to have a very timely, affordable and stress free. Thanks a lot.
8/20/2014 7:58:53 AM Report

The moving team came right on time, I really like the way they managed to arrange our stuffs inside the truck in order to be sure that nothing won't break along the way, the entire process was very professional, I am very happy with their work, actually I did not expect so much care they gave in packing my furniture and they were careful in handling my boxes and furniture, they didn't damage any of my furniture or walls in the house, that's amazing! I moved everything from Delaware to New Jersey. The delivery was fast and the delivery persons who came to NJ, also was very punctual and nothing was damage or lost in the transportation. I will always remember this moving experience with Happiness!!! I could not ask for more. Thanks to Divine moving & storage.
8/13/2014 6:45:52 AM Report

We recently used divine moving & storage for our move from New York to Michigan. The manager helped us with our moving reservation, was very courteous and professional and gave us the confidence to choose divine moving over a few other reputable moving companies in our area. The team arrived at our door front on time with all the necessary materials as promised; they covered our furniture and protected our fragile items in the most respectful manner. Even though the trip out there was not easy, as we have decided to move on a Friday when traffic was heavy, they managed to finish their work as estimated. I was very satisfied and I would highly recommend divine moving for anybody who is looking for quality moving services. Thank you so much for going beyond our expectations.
8/11/2014 1:16:20 AM Report

I heard a lot about Divine moving and storage from my friend Anthony. So, I decided to try them for my own move. I called at their office for a quote. The sales guy was very responsive and attentive. He offered me a very lucrative deal and committed that there will be no hidden cost involved after the move. He kept his commitment and the movers worked their heart out. They arrived 10 minutes late but that was not a big issue. However they completed the move 20 minutes before the allotted time and made sure that nothing gets damaged or broken. I checked everything by myself and did not find a single reason to complain. Service was outstanding and price was reasonable. What else I could have asked for.
10/9/2013 12:51:30 AM Report

Yesterday I used professional movers for the first time while moving to a new apartment with my wife and pets. My experience was simply awesome. Movers maintained the checklist properly, completed the move within the given time, charged within the quoted amount and did not damage my stuffs. I am very pleased with divine moving and storage and I will definitely consider them whenever I need to move again.
9/26/2013 9:37:33 AM Report

Divine moving & storage is not an ordinary company. This is one of the best in business. I used them yesterday while moving to a new house with my wife. But I did not know about them before. When I asked my friend to help me find good movers he recommended their name to me. I found their quote very reasonable and hired them. It was a great decision. Movers were very organized and they have executed the entire move very efficiently. I am impressed and happy with their performance and price.
9/20/2013 4:58:34 PM Report

These guys are perfect finishers. When I hired them for my move I was confident that they would do well. I got confidence on them after talking to their sales rep. That guy seemed to know his job. However, they did not disappoint me. Their movers came on time with necessary tools and packing materials. Nicely dealt with the furniture and other fragile and expensive items. They showed their skills and sense of responsibility while packing my stuffs, made the delivery within the schedule and served us as good as possible. I am happy with their service and appreciate that they did not charge me more than the quoted amount. I definitely recommend divine moving & storage.
9/18/2013 4:51:35 PM Report