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luxe wedding and event design. professional coordination. upscale floral design. couture linen and chair cover rentals.

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What a complete disappointment. Bobbi Rice promotes herself and her services beautifully…however, she didn’t follow through with any of it, and with one month to go until the wedding, we terminated her contract. Examples of some things she lists as doing: “Confirmation and contract review with vendors prior to wedding.” We asked her to and sent all contracts to her, but she never responded and of course, never helped to negotiate with any of them. “Phone/email/text support.” She took days to reply, and cancelled several meetings on short notice. “Creation of wedding planning timeline.” She provided the generic timeline available anywhere online. “Assistance developing theme/ambience/personal touches.” She printed out two pages of generic photos available online and gave those to us. “Assistance with ceremony…music…and reception music.” No suggestions on this. “Budget estimates for proposed designs.” She provided us a list of the costs of things, no options, and it was considerably higher than the budgeted amount we had discussed. We told her several times to adjust it, with various options, but never got that. “3 inspiration and design boards.” Again, two pages of generic photos was all we got. We showed her invitations we were looking at. She provided us a list of websites to companies that she is a sales representative for, but never went through them to identify selections like the ones we were looking at. She offered to let us pay $100, I think, to set her up as a representative for the company we looked at, and said we’d get a “discount” in return. Bobbi was, however, extremely efficient at requesting and processing her periodic payments due from us. We were fortunate. We had a lot of help and support from other people. Also, my daughter was able to take off a week from work one month before the wedding, and we spent 5 days in a whirlwind of wedding planning. We ended up with a most beautiful, enjoyable wedding celebration, no thanks to her. I never saw evidence of most of the excuses she gave us, so I’m not sure how truthful she is. I share this to prevent others from going through the same aggravations at such a special and joyous time.
1/18/2013 6:17:00 PM Report
I am the Bride and am experiencing the same issues! 43 days to go to the wedding and she hasn't done a thing! We originally hired her on Jan. 8, picked out the cake and invitations, paid her her fee and the deposits, and told her to proceed with ordering immediately. It took her 58 days to even get started on anything. Bobbi also failed to create save the dates (i.e. guests didn't even know they were invited), so we were required to pay a $750 rush delivery fee to get invitations out. Once the invitations were ordered and being printed, we requested an in-person meeting in early March to go over all of the unfinished items we had requested to be completed back in January. Two days before we were set to meet in person (I am an out of State Bride), Bobbi cancelled the meeting indicating she was sick. I attempted to call her, text her, and email her for the next 7 days with absolutely no response. We realized, at this point, that over the past 2.5 months, Bobbi had not completed the following: 1) Website was never completed. 2) Hotels never booked. 3) Transportation never booked. 4) Priest not found. 5) Ceremony music not found. 6) No florals done. 7) No timeline for the wedding given. 8) No rentals done. Nothing. My mom and I proceeded for the next 7 days of Bobbi Silence to organize the wedding in a panic. During that time, we contacted the cake vendor to see if she had received the deposit we had made 30 days prior (through Bobbi) and she indicated that she had not received it. When Bobbi finally came out of Bobbi Silence 7 days later, my mom and I gave her another week to finish calligraphy on the invitations (at this point, there was no time to double check addresses and spelling, so we just let it go and prayed for the best!) A day after the invitations had supposedly gone out, Bobbi requested her second payment and set up another in person meeting. At this point, we distrusted her ability to get anything done and given the fact that she had already cancelled the first in-person meeting and given a myriad of excuses as to why things weren't moving along (illness, family emergency, funeral, another wedding, no cell service, intern incompetence, etc.), we told her that we would pay her in person during our meeting two days later rather than over the credit card. Bobbi then proceeded to cancel that meeting (which was only two days away). For the next 8 days, we tried to call, text, and email her to discuss these issues, but were only greeted with Bobbi Silence again. She just flat out refused to answer anything. With a month of almost utter silence and only 5 weeks until our wedding, we found a florist who is available, and who is stepping in to help us (thankfully!) We terminated the contract with 43 days to go to the wedding. We had already booked our venue, caterer, photographer, and band when we hired her. On day 1, she walked away with our money and WE NEVER SAW HER AGAIN. The only thing she did was order those invitations, and they haven't even arrived to all of our guests. If you want to save your sanity and money, don't walk...RUN FAR AWAY from Bobbi Rice Weddings!
3/28/2017 11:09:16 PM - Report