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Are you tired of spending money and not getting any results? Is yelp, home advisor, thumbtack, and Adwords not doing it for you? Well to be honest you are shooting in the dark. Let me guess you are spending upwards of $500 or more and maybe if you are lucky getting 20 phone calls a month? How would you like to be getting 60 to 200 calls a month of qualified leads. People actually wanting your services.
There are so many people out there who "say" they do SEO or lead gen. But when it really comes down to it all they maybe doing is setting up a facebook page, paying for ads, registering your website on google local, paying for Adwords, and maybe just maybe setting up a yelp page. This is only a few spokes on the wheel.
The reason why we have delivered outstanding results for our clients is because we build an entire network that funnels leads from every market place, search engine, and blog back to your site. Google local, facebook and yelp are only a few very small pieces of puzzle.
We at Beachwood Marketing firm have studied how google and SEO works for years. With a combination of 15 years experience we have, for the most part figured out what google likes and how to be in compliance so that we rank to the top of page one for organic traffic and google local.
Think about this for a second, when you are searching for anything on the internet whether it is for an oil change near you, where to get the best massage, or an organic grocery store, you click on the first or second thing that pops up. You don't have time to weed through the rest of the first page. And forget about the second page. Most people don't even know that google has a second page.
The other thing to consider is when you see a business or company ranked #1 you automatically think that they are the best. If they weren't why would they be there. Well this isn't always the case. The business that has the best google presence, the most citations and backlinks will get the number one spot on the first page of google and bing for that matter.
Google is always changing its configurations, algorithms, and updating it's rolodex. What we do here at the SEO lead generating masters is always follow the guidelines of the google mastermind. And when something changes we make the proper adjustments to keep you ranked #1.
There are no shortcuts in life and the same applies to creating leads and having top of the line search engine optimization. This is why we have websites that have stayed at the #1 position for over 7 years. Because we do it right. We want this to last forever. As long as the internet will be around so will your business at the top of google.
We also offer SEO lead gen coaching as well. If you would like a full analysis of your company or business online presence we are more than happy to help. Or you can hire us to be your SEO lead gen manager and start driving a high volume of leads to your business.
Another thing to take into consideration is google is the most powerful source on the internet, so it is extremely crucial to be rated well by them. When you do any search on your iphone, smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop google is, for pretty much everyone the default search engine.
Google identifies exactly where you are and gives you choices for the best businesses in your city. When you choose to work with Beachwood SEO experts your business will always pop up first.
Just to give you an example, people search for car dealerships/ used cars for sale over 4,000 times per month. How many of these people are finding your car dealership? The numbers are similar for other services, people are looking for you, it is our job that they find you and quick!
Optimizing yourself on the internet correctly is priceless. How much is a qualified customer phone call worth to you If they buy a car for $50,000! Are you a limo company? 1 phone call could be worth anywhere from $200-$1500 dollars. Times that by 60-200 phone calls! We are talking big money here people.
Our service prices are very reasonable. And the amount of traffic we are going to send you is priceless. It could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the year, and you making it through the hard times.
I know when you haven\'t forgotten about those days when you were staring at the phone willing to do anything to have a good customer call you. Well guess what those days are over.
When you partner with Beachwood Marketing Firm you will experience only the top service in these fields:

1. SEO- We provide the best search engine optimization around. Give us a few days to prove our unbeatable services. We will send you free leads for the first couple of days!
2. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING. You pay us per click!
3. SEO COACHING. We don\'t just provide our service we offer education and coaching as well.
4. GAME CHANGER CALL RETURN. Most businesses like myself have a contact form somewhere on their website. I have mine on the right column above. Your customers want a response right away or else they move onto the next business. With our game changer technology as soon as a customer leaves their contact information in the form your phone rings automatically and connects you to the customer, so in turn you get them before they move on!
5. KEYWORD SEARCH. Find out exactly what words your customers are searching for and embed them in your website. So when they search, they find you!
6. WEBSITE CREATION AND CONTENT. The base of your whole internet appearance has to have a solid foundation for all of your leads to land on. Yes having a good looking website is important, but more importantly the way you set it up, and all the backings is what really matters. This has to be exponentially better than your competitors.
7. MOBILE RESPONSE. This is so important for getting leads. Your site must be mobile friendly. The majority of searches is all done on the iphone and smart phone. People have to be able to easily navigate through your site.
8. CITATION SERVICE. We offer the best citation services! We know how to complete citations in a way that your competitors would not stand a chance against. This is a very crucial part of the process.
9. PBN INFLUENCE AND BACKLINKS. To have everlasting top rankings on the internet you must have your PBN influence and backlinks set up PROPERLY. I couldn\'t re-emphasize this enough, it\'s the bread and butter. I see people time and time again do this incorrectly and it paralyzes your business BIG time possibly for life, just kidding!
10. LOCAL LEAD GEN. This is the most important thing you could do for your business ever! If you want a ridiculous amount of organic traffic coming to your site, partner with the SEO lead generating masters here at Beachwood Marketing Firm.


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