AA Highly Trained Gutter Installation

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4534 Marquette Ave
Jacksonville 32210
United States
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(904) 384-3423

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When looking to install seamless gutters on your home, there are a variety of materials that are available to choose from. AA Gutter Services installs Aluminum, Galvanized Aluminum and Copper gutters. Why would somebody choose to install copper gutters on their home? Here are 5 reasons why a homeowner might want copper gutters. Copper gutters can last for up to 50 years on average but could last even longer in some instances. Copper gutters are made to withstand changes in environments from extreme heat to intense rainstorms and strong winds without sustaining damage. The material is much thicker and heavier than aluminum gutters. For example, 1 lb of .027 gauge aluminum coil makes roughly 2 feet of gutter through a machine, whereas 1 lb of copper coil makes only 1 foot of gutter. AA Gutter Services can install either 6” K Seamless, 7” K Seamless or 6” Half Round gutters in copper. Copper gutters offer a classy look and enhanced curb appeal. They can increase the value of your home. Over time, the gutters will acquire a greenish patina that will enhance the custom look achieved only by natural copper. Some homeowners use this as a statement piece on their home to stand out from the crowd. Copper gutters look better with age, whereas other gutters do not.


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