2017 and 2016 post pregnancy belly wrap

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Are you sure you won’t to use yoyo postpartum girdle? if not, you need do 5 steps to lose your weight.

How do elephant legs come about?

Any obesity has one of the most important reason, is “hungry”, no matter how high is fat or calories according to eat, so fat in the body constantly growing, more and more thick legs. So want beautiful leg, must not “hungry to eat” the ground to eat desperately, want to “pick and choose food” reasonably, avoid long the thick leg. So it’s important to lean and eat the food.

if you won't to use yoyo abdominal support belt after c section, 5 steps to lose your weight

Is an elephant leg suitable for running?

When a lot of people trying to lose weight is to choose not to run as far as possible, think more runs will let his legs became truly the muscles of the legs, the elephant leg, in fact as long as you use the correct method of running is to thin body, and health quickly.

How to reduce elephant leg?


Before running muscle stimulation, can improve the combustion rate of fat, muscle strength exercise can produce growth hormone, after making increased body fat decomposition, enzyme, rapid burning fat. Doing a deep squatting or abdominal muscle movement before running can be more effective in 10 minutes or so. Although it will be a little laborious, you can improve your cardio burn rate when you are breathing heavily. Not that the faster you run, the faster you burn fat, the key to burning fat for blood and muscle. So running is the most effective weight loss exercise, so I suggest you to choose best postpartum corset online.


Because the thighs are so small that they accumulate fat, we need to help them move. So when we are in free can beat some of the lateral thigh, gently knock back and forth, the lateral contain some points of the thigh, banging on the blood flow of these areas is more rapid, can make the fat to generate heat to consume. This method is very simple, whether at home or in the company, we can all at rest a little on it, so can relax the tightened muscles, and can thin leg, kill two birds with one stone.


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