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- 5/6/2020 8:59:13 AM
A very pleasant and remarkable experience we had with this hotel. Everyone I met there was so cool, accommodating, and understanding. The amenities are good too, where I go to the gym at noon and swim... read more
- 5/6/2020 8:41:44 AM
This is the best hotel I have ever been to. Everything about this hotel is applauded. The check-in process was done in a couple of minutes without any hassle. My questions were entertained with respec... read more
- 4/27/2020 12:54:28 PM
Spending my short vacay from this hotel was amazing. The place was so clean and organize. Especially my room, it was so clean and smells so good. The bathroom was so spacious, which I liked the most... read more
- 4/21/2020 11:30:11 AM
Honestly not that bad. It looks old from the outside and the rooms look outdated but my several stays here were all surprisingly decent. You can get a room without a reservation and they won't even tr... read more
- 4/21/2020 11:12:17 AM
What is Los Angeles without character? It's the dank that matters. JJ is my kind of hotel, historic and strange and magical. I like the location, close to Cassel's and The Venue.For me it's my getaway... read more


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