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- 1/21/2021 4:47:23 AM
This repair service was very organized and affordable. My refrigerator hinge problem was totally solved by a smart technician. He was very careful in handling my fridge. He was pleasant and very frien... read more
- 1/20/2021 6:15:30 AM
I called this company for the repair service that I needed for our refrigerator hinge problem, and I received a quick and immediate appointment. The technician who visited the apartment is friendly, k... read more
- 11/23/2020 1:28:35 PM
I am sure about the trustworthiness of this appliance repair company because of how they restore my oven that was not heating efficiently! They willingly offer help when I needed them so much. Their t... read more
- 11/20/2020 4:53:15 PM
Truly amazing service! This appliance repair company did a great job of attending to my dishwasher that was not working properly. I was glad that I was able to find the services of a highly energetic ... read more
- 9/22/2020 7:42:40 PM
Excellent company! This appliance repair company presented a remarkable service to its clients, and their technician was very experienced and professional. I asked their repair service to solve my pr... read more


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