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- 8/22/2023 1:18:04 PM
Quote I am excited I reached out to HACKWEST AT WRITEME DOT COM, I was ripe with credit issues due to identity theft breach from July 2022 and I needed to buy a home. I have not been able to recover from ... read more
- 8/9/2023 2:51:58 PM
Quote I pulled my credit report from MYFICO and it gave me the usual report. However, when I went to my bank to apply for a small loan they said there is no credit history of my Equifax report. When I cont... read more
- 8/8/2023 11:22:11 AM
Quote To my greatest surprise a lot of people out there still complain about having a bad credit while I’m always thanking God and always grateful that I got in touch with JEFFCLOUD CREDIT SOLUTION, one of ... read more
- 8/5/2023 10:27:35 PM
Quote I started the year with a bad credit score, lingering debts and derogatory record which affected my ability to finance a new home, including a new car. I tried a few credit restoration firms but all w... read more
- 7/19/2023 3:17:09 AM
Quote So my credit score was a wash due to several discrepancies preventing me from moving on to bigger and better things. Through my rounds HACK WEST had all the bad credit was cleaned off my record improv... read more


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