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- 2/25/2021 4:36:17 PM
On-time, fast, and efficient service! The technician was prompt, helpful, and keen on doing the repair that I requested for my cooktop that was not igniting and had it fixed in less than an hour. This... read more
- 2/3/2021 3:55:57 PM
With the repair made by your technician, my cooktop that was not igniting was useful again. He was so expert in restoring my appliance. He was a very efficient and eminent professional who provide rel... read more
Alberta Howell wrote a review for Saffron Grill
- 1/22/2021 3:23:20 PM
The foods in this restaurant were really fantastic! These guys are really phenomenal with their service, and I'm grateful because they did it with high quality. No words can express how happy I am abo... read more
- 2/3/2021 12:32:55 PM
Fantastic job! My wine cooler that was not cooling was fixed by the expert service technician. He's skillful in identifying the main problem because he found it immediately. Also, the repair was reall... read more
- 1/25/2021 6:41:31 PM
No words can express how happy I am about the service of this hotel. They have everything that all I needed and their staffs are very accommodating too. It was indeed the nicest place that I've been t... read more


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