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- 9/22/2020 4:17:57 PM
The outcome was so great! I am very happy when I got to know that my oven that was not heating was resolved. I was struggling with it about two weeks ago, finally, it was gone. I thanked the technicia... read more
- 9/22/2020 4:08:22 PM
It was a great job, guys! For almost a week now, our oven that was not heating is giving us a hard time, and I was happy that I found this appliance repair company that can fix it. The technician who ... read more
- 9/22/2020 1:49:32 PM
The technician was very professional and proficient when it comes to appliance repair. This technician did an astonishing job of fixing my cooktop that was not igniting. He applied a new tactic which ... read more
- 9/21/2020 5:52:07 PM
The technician responded promptly and took care of my refrigerator ice maker problem. The technician fixed my appliance immediately and assured me that everything is working perfectly. He was indeed a... read more
- 8/24/2020 8:02:20 PM
I'm extremely pleased that this company was able to handle the problem I had with my range burners that were not working. The technician addressed the problem in just a short amount of time. The servi... read more


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