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Vitaw wrote a review for Talygen
- 5/6/2021 7:42:59 PM
Never thought that a day will come when employees will be capturing images and recording employee’s desktop screens. The flexibility of monitoring remote teams, detailed reporting, resource tracking, ... read more
kenayi wrote a review for Talygen
- 4/27/2021 4:56:10 PM
Talygen is simply the best remote work monitoring tool out there. It's really easy to use and packed with tons of amazing features, such as the performance review system. read more
Bawefo wrote a review for Talygen
- 4/20/2021 4:58:54 PM
I got my remote team’s work productivity managed seamlessly with Talygen. It helped maximize remote team productivity and tracked attendance. It features a user-friendly dashboard that provides produc... read more
Wenod Tomb wrote a review for Talygen
- 4/14/2021 4:06:40 PM
I downloaded Talygen to improve work from home practices for my business and this software fostered my remote employee’s productivity. It provides effective and secure monitoring of the staff outside... read more
Tlhao Da wrote a review for Talygen
- 4/7/2021 5:19:38 PM
I’ve used a couple of different work from home monitoring tools out there but none is as good as TALYGEN for sure. Kudos to the team! read more


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