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Zahrah Blackmore
Cheers for the excellent work of your technician! Last Friday, I couldn't stop worrying about my oven that was not working. Luckily, I found your company offering an affordable and excellent appliance repair service. I thanked your technician for resolving my oven as soon as possible. It was valuable and satisfying work accomplished by your technician. Bravo for the job well done! Highly recommended service!
11/20/2020 1:35:33 PM Report

Early morning he changed my tire with no problems. Very friendly and a great deal. I will patronize to have car serviced in the future. The best place to get a tire, and an alignment the guys an this places are the best, friendly and the costumer service is the number one.
11/19/2020 2:54:33 PM Report

This place does everything you want a tire shop to do. Affordable tires with quick service. They even trusted me to drive to the nearest ATM to get cash after they installed my new tires. My only issue was how much the tire guy pushed me to buy new tires for the back of my van, when all I wanted was to repair the puncture hole - these puppies are ride-flat tires, expensive. No way I'm giving them up that easily, not with a few thousand miles left on them.
11/19/2020 2:54:05 PM Report