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Toni Zimmerman
This is the hotel I liked because it was really beautiful. The rooms are elegant and spotlessly clean. The staff is excellent. The pool is heated and very pretty. The morning buffet is good with lots of choices. The restaurant is not pricey compared to other places in town, thus I absolutely liked this hotel. I would recommend this!
10/14/2020 2:14:00 PM Report

It's a luxury and cozy cafe with relaxing lighting and music. They have a mix of high and lower chairs around the branch. Air-conditioning is already strong once you enter. Muscovado Milk is pretty good at normal sugar levels and very sweet! If you see "boba" it's basically pearls made of tapioca. They also have Taiwan Green Tea which is light and refreshing! C'mon! Try the taste!
10/14/2020 2:13:21 PM Report

Magnificent appliance repair service! I can see that the technician was resilient enough to fix my oven that was overheating on time without any trouble and in a professional way. He managed to put an end to the problem directly. Five stars for his incredible work! Thanks to this technician and its outstanding company. I strongly recommend this company for your appliance repair needs! Keep it up!
9/21/2020 1:23:24 PM Report