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Tommie Rape
Chim-Tex Construction is a crook!!! On Nov. 16, 2018, I advanced the company $636 for a part to repair my fireplace. After not hearing back from them I called them several times, and they always had some excuse why they did not have the part. On each call they would promise to bring the part or get back with me, and they NEVER responded when they said they would. After numerous failed promises on their part I asked them to return the $636 advance I had made to them. They agreed to do so but NEVER did get me the money or even respond on the promised date. Again on numerous times I called the company, and they always had some flimsy excuse, and again promised to get me the money by a certain date. Again on each of the dates they failed their promise and did not get my money back to me. At various times I spoke with their office, but most of the time talked to Lou, who seemed to be in charge. Now five months later I have still yet to have Chim-Tex give my money back to me. You should never trust this company!!! I have reported them to the police.
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