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Tech Andreu
Walked in to get an estimate, a week later left with a brand new car. Very efficient, very trustworthy, very competitive. Arthur was my guy and he gave us a deal I could not refuse. 10/10 service.
8/7/2019 3:27:11 PM Report

I had to shout out all the amazing staff members at EMU OB-GYN Gynecologists Center Queens who work at this facility. Because they provide such excellent, customer service, and medical support... Each Doctor, nurse, head of management team, are soo compassionate, involved, competent, and attentive! And ready to assist, and serve. I can honestly say, with utmost certainty; it's the best experience. I have ever had at a medical office... Wait times are minimal. And the quality of the experience with each division of the medical field, that I have come in contact with, is exceptional! Front desk ladies Natalie, and Gabriela! Such brilliant, and professional, receptionist, they work hard to add to the over all experience, as you walk in the door. Happy Patient, Leanna Peters-Williams.
7/23/2019 3:30:20 PM Report

I want to start out by saying thank you to Healthy Kids Pediatrics Fresh Meadows staff for always giving my daughters the attention and care that they need, no matter what time or what day of the week, she is always there. We have a disabled daughter and as you can imagine (If you don’t have a special needs child) sometimes things happen very quickly and drastically for the worst. They truly cares about their patients and their well being and is absolutely the best you will ever find !!! We all love Healthy Kids Pediatrics Fresh Meadows staff. we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being right by our side when we need you !! We love you !
7/10/2019 4:36:07 PM Report

A big shot out to Empire Bookkeeping Services of NYC for being the real deal. From the first time we spoke the communication and the back and forth was splended. I would recommend outsourcing to this company. It's like having the bookkeeper you always dreamed of without having to deal with an in-house team.
7/2/2019 4:26:15 PM Report

Can’t believe the price we found from this water damage removal team. Super low but the service was top quality. Very professional throughout too. I loved this water cleanup service! With water damage just a month or so moving in and something that should have been stressful was not at all thanks to Water Damage Removal of Long Island. Thank you so much! Amazing to work with. Incredibly thorough in his assessment and checking in on a daily basis. Highly recommend!
6/11/2019 4:12:57 PM Report

Our real estate agent recommended Kand Real Estate Law Forest Hills to assist with the closing on our recent home purchase. We can't say anything better than he and his team did an excellent job. Exactly what you'd expect in a closing proceeding. Did their job well and got it all done pretty fast as well. Highly recommended!
4/14/2019 10:41:13 AM Report

Exceptionally proficient! They did an good job and clean up everything without any inquiries. All the work has completed on convenient way and they never leaves till the work is done . Extremely glad to use their service. I would recommend you to use their services without any hesitation.
4/14/2019 8:06:44 AM Report

Super fast service. Very friendly. Great experience. They also provide an one year warranty for the functionality of the screen. Couldn't have asked for a better repair experience. In and out with 15 mins. Highly recommend!!
3/23/2019 4:37:04 PM Report