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Shelly Holt
It’s a very simple shop unlike others because they make you feel like home, and try different types of wine. The wine tasting experience was excellent! Alexa is very professional and attentive to introduce us to different port wines, and she even prepared some cookies and cheese for us. I strongly recommend this wonderful shop for those wine lovers!
9/7/2020 6:00:10 PM Report

Pretty cool place! This is a great experience to sit at the bar and see the changing views. It’s obviously in high demand, and there are a lot of people hovering around waiting for you to leave. The bartender made my first and not last chocolate espresso martini, which may be my new drink of choice! I thoroughly enjoyed myself here!
9/7/2020 5:50:00 PM Report

The technician was so diligent in fixing my oven that was not heating. He displayed a stupendous effort in his job. I am delighted with his work attitude. The result of fixing my appliance issue was gratifying. The staff that entertained my call and concerns was very kind. I liked the overall service rendered by this company. Cheers to more customers!
8/24/2020 6:43:26 PM Report