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Sandy Owen
My husband and I just bought a Carver and needed all the paperwork done for it. Canadian Vessel Registry was very prepared and knowledgeable to answer all our questions and help with the documentation. Awesome team and amazing customer service!
12/2/2019 7:23:02 AM Report

I'm so fortunate to have arrived at Iris Healing Retreat. I came to this program 1 year ago with no hope left in me, I didn't care if I lived or died- that's how bad it got for me! The staff believed in me and showed me that there are people who truly care. This program gave me the skills to live a life free from alcohol and drugs. I will always be grateful for Iris Healing Retreat. I still to this day stay connected to them. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants help to end their suffering from addiction.
11/27/2019 8:55:01 AM Report