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Sandra Roberson
I've been dealing with HillQuest Security and Patrol for little over a year.They take care of several of my locations and have to say kudos to them and there staff for all there professionalism.One of my locations had multiple issues before I signed up with Hillquest. I met with their team, discussed a plan and they were able to secure my property. They are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and they treat my properties like their own. If you have security needs HillQuest Security is the right place to use.
2/17/2021 12:58:53 PM Report

Crosspointe Recovery is the one of the best places for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. During my experience the staff was very considerate, kind, and knowledgeable about recovery and staying clean. The groups and therapy sessions provided great feedback to our addictions such as why we became addicts and coping mechanisms to overcome them.Like any other rehabs, it will not solve your problems, but they will give you the right tools and resources in moving forward with your life after rehab.Highly recommended!!
2/17/2021 12:47:41 PM Report