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Sam Porter
I have used them for the past year and a half and have had consistently small issues with them. Maybe it’s just my attention to detail, but those details are important to me. Like making sure the screws on my filter assembly on my pump are screwed down all the way so it’s not sucking in air, cross threading the drain on my sand filter and when I tell people at the store about it it takes them two weeks to finally replace it and fix it, when they opened up my pool for the first time this year and started the pump they opened up a access panel on the electric motor side and left it open and didn’t tell me about it leaving it accessible to rain and debris. Two weeks ago I had to replace my pump, just a coincidence. I don’t think so. Between all the details that they don’t pay attention to and the absolute horrible communication between the front Store staff, the staff that clean the pools and the general manager. I could no longer put up with their horrible service. They might be knowledgeable, but all they did was cost me more money.
8/22/2018 10:11:42 AM Report