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If I could give this place negative stars, I would do it. I ordered a 3-pack of so-called "tan" socks (XL - Extra Large (Fits Men's 15.5 - 19) up to 5E) in March 2021. Upon opening the plastic bag that the socks came in, it was ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that these socks were not "tan." They were greenish brown. I emailed a complaint to their customer support staff. The staff member responded by saying that I could return them at my expense. I replied that the description and photos on their website weren't close to showing how green (not tan) they actually are. In a follow-up email, I laid one pair of their socks (unopened) against a tan pair of Foamposite sneakers to show the contrast between their "tan" and a REAL tan. It is laughable that these socks are labeled as "tan" when they clearly are not. The customer service rep rudely wrote that I should have my eyes examined. That's when I replied with the photo contrasting their "tan" socks with my tan sneakers. The response was silence -- because the customer service representative KNEW I WAS RIGHT. There has been no reply to email. I filed a complaint with the BBB since the rep refused to respond to my last email. This HAS TO BE THE MOST UNREASONABLE company I have EVER dealt with. The whole thing is ridiculous. I would have NEVER ordered these socks since they are greenish brown -- which is not how they are described nor depicted on their website. I want a full refund and a return shipping label.
3/23/2021 4:47:10 AM Report