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Olivia Diaz
The best GYN services on Staten Island, and I’ve been to several. They are professional, polite and provide you with all the information needed. Dr. Dmitriy Bronfman was especially caring during my visits. I would recommend this office to anyone needing services. The best thing - it’s efficient service, there is no waiting 2 hours in the waiting room to be seen.
11/11/2021 7:54:08 PM Report

I found this Specialist doctor over the internet and make my appointment and was done very fast, I did come in and when throughout different types of test after going through a heart attack, this doctor is very good and professional and know what he's doing I will recommend him to everyone that needs a very good cardiologist specialist!
11/7/2021 3:09:52 PM Report

Had a very great experience. The polite receptionist and Dr. gave detailed instructions for my recovery. Would definitely recommend!
11/5/2021 2:17:59 PM Report

Very thorough, patient, and answered all my questions. The exam was quick, painless, and well done. Glad to have found this doctor.
11/4/2021 2:03:27 PM Report

Warm welcoming staff, felt comfortable all around, it felt nice to feel safe when you are dealing with such a sensitive situation, HIGHLY RECOMMEND
11/4/2021 12:36:08 PM Report

Amazing service! I didn’t even have to drive anywhere or wait. The car was delivered straight to my house.
4/29/2020 9:57:34 AM Report

Do you know how most people fear a dentist visit? I used to be in the same boat, but not anymore. Dr. Marina Shraga and her staff are friendly, gentle, and professional. They take an awkward situation (having relative strangers poke around in your gaping mouth) and make it as comfortable as possible. The Albany location is quite convenient! I'd definitely recommend using Dr. Marina Shraga if you're in search of a dentist.
5/23/2019 7:18:31 AM Report

I'm glad my friend told me about Stem Cell Therapy. Thank you for the knee treatment! I didn't think the pain would ever go away. I'm feeling a lot better by the day and enjoying my normal walks again! Thank you!!!
4/16/2019 10:39:38 AM Report

Everyone was very professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend this office to my friends and family. The wait was minimal and once I was in the dentist's chair the service was fast and of high quality. I left feeling secure that they will provide with the continued service I require.
4/15/2019 6:43:45 AM Report

Kind and knowledgeable doctor. Very professional and explained the process and need for follow up. I like all the services. I would recommend New York Cardiac Diagnostic Center to my family and friends.
4/11/2019 2:28:28 PM Report

Beautiful office, extremely courteous and professional staff, Dr. Soomekh is just amazing at what he does. A++ Highly recommend!!!
4/11/2019 1:24:30 PM Report

I highly recommend this Brooklyn GYN Place! This office is amzaing. Besides the fact that it is very clean with up to date technology the staff is SUPERB! The wait was surprisingly short. Dr. Marashi is very knowledgeable he is direct and I got a good vibe from him. Extremely professional! Very happy to have found this place! Thank you Dr. Marashi !
4/10/2019 12:28:08 PM Report