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Okeefe Pablo
The tea, white rice, and fortune cookie were really good! Everything else was over priced and mediocre. But if you're looking to spend a ridiculous amount and have subpar service you should totally check this place out.
9/4/2020 3:40:31 PM Report

Very nice coffee shop with nice baristas. The place is spacious and very clean. The coffee is good but a bit on the light taste.
9/4/2020 3:39:22 PM Report

I'm very blessed that this appliance repair company was able to manage my dishwasher that was not starting, and they were able to end it without any delays. It was them that displayed a thorough and extreme approach to my appliance. Their technician was so convenient to work with. He perfectly repaired my unit's problem and got so impressed by that. Highly recommended!
8/24/2020 1:45:29 PM Report