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Buy elsewhere, I know I will never spend another cent here. Firstly-THEY GAVE US THE WRONG DOORS! We ordered 4" & these dopes gave us two SIX inchers- Incompetent, weak and lame. It was easier to just cut 'em down on site. Secondly and to my mind more important they are RUDE, UNHELPFUL and QUITE UNFRIENDLY JERKS. More than once. They act as though the customer is there for them not the other way 'round. That doesn't fly with me, boys. I just wanted you to know I need ten wood double-hung windows, some french doors and and I was going to go to ya'll. Now---> now? - not. Buddy- I can by doors, windows lots o' places but yours' isn't one of them anymore And let me assure you; I will urge everyone at my child's preschool, our church and at our workplace(s) to follow suit. And I will tell them why. I hope this helps you to enjoy being an hostile, unhappy jerk. I won't darken your door again
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