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Monique Nunez
This wine shop is outstanding! The wine selection was vast and fantastic. Every item on our table was top notch. Not easy to find but you won't be disappointed once you get there. The whole shop is very perfect and nothing to complain about their service as well. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.
9/2/2020 3:10:22 PM Report

A very nice wine shop in the area! If you have someone to have a date, well, this wine shop is perfect for you. I've been here several times and I really like the wine that they served. It was extremely delicious! The pricing of your service was just too negotiable! You are totally awesome! Extremely recommended!
9/2/2020 3:09:47 PM Report

Great quality service at a great price. I had issues with my dishwasher that was not draining and I am clueless why it is like that. I decided to call this repair company that referred to me by a neighbor. The technician arrived shortly after and proficiently fixed my dishwasher. He was very sociable and did an a very excellent job. As for the service rate, it was inexpensive, great for people who are saving money.
8/21/2020 3:52:25 PM Report