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Maureen Brunk
This is a review and this is my husband's and my opinion. Based on our experience with McCain Homes, we regret hiring the company for a remodel of the kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom and an addition of a screened porch at our home in Flagler Beach. We hired McCain Homes at the beginning of April 2018, and Flagler County completed the last inspection at the end of March 2019. In our opinion, McCain's Home's mismanagement and lack of attention to detail contributed to many mistakes and the excessive timeline it took to complete the project (and it is still not done). McCain was hardly ever onsite when subcontractors were working on our home. This led to many errors which caused time delays and failed inspections. For example, roofing contractors removed wrong exhaust pipe from roof; gas stove could not be installed even after 2 appointments because drywallers covered over a valve they needed for installation. Another time, he allowed painters to spray paint in the interior of our home WITHOUT covering any furniture. Who does that? I know of three specific subcontractors who will NEVER work with McCain again. The porch roof was not attached correctly and therefore rain kept leaking into our porch. You can read the response Screened Concepts left on the BBB website calling out the contractor’s incompetence. Link here: He was “working” on 2 other homes and that was another reason our remodel took too long. He was stretched too thin and those homeowners also had many issues. You can find our contact information and for other homeowners who have used McCain on the Flagler Beach and the Palm Coast websites for building permits. Be aware even though McCain is the general contractor, he loves the blame game and cannot take any responsibility for things that go wrong. Based on our experience, you may want to double-check before you engage this company. This is our opinion of what happened to us.
11/30/2019 1:12:25 PM Report