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Mary Brady
Beware - if you have your system winterized by this company - expect to pay top dollar and then you will have to pay to turn your system on in the spring, even if you want to turn your own system on (which is a 2 minute - no brainer thing to do). Liquid Sun removed the cap from the drain valve when blowing out my system last fall, but failed to put the drain cap back on or explain to me where it was. Now they want a $45 service charge to put the cap back on, which they removed and did not replace. The lady in the office (Amanda) claims that the cap was put it on top of the 'box' - (whatever that means?? she could not explain it) and that it was not Liquid Sun's problem if I lost it. Amanda is a very rude, unprofessional, augmentative and confrontational person. She even screamed at me to the point I had to hang up on her. There are many other companies that will appreciate my business and respect me as a person.
6/5/2013 2:16:16 PM Report